Apex Legends season six – will new character Rampart change everything? | Games

Eighteen months after its surprise launch, Apex Legends remains a swaggering contender in the densely crowded battle royale market, its fifth season attracting the most daily users since its debut month. The game started its sixth season a little late thanks to Covid-19, with most of the team working from Continue Reading

Why Apex Legends has kept me playing for 500 hours | Games

That’s it. I have now played Apex Legends for over 500 hours. The online multiplayer shooter, developed by Californian studio Respawn Entertainment and released in February 2019, has been my obsession all year, seeing off a variety of pretenders from Doom Eternal to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To the casual Continue Reading

League of Legends creator reveals new team-based shooter, Valorant | Games

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced its next game, Valorant. Teased for several weeks as Project A, it is a team-based shooter for the PC set on a near-future Earth where a catacylsmic event has reshaped the geopolitics of the planet. Players choose from a selection of eight Continue Reading

Man connects PS4 to airport monitor so he can play Apex Legends

WTF?! Having to wait for hours in airports is something that most of us experience now and again. But one man decided to alleviate the boredom by plugging his PlayStation 4 into the airport information monitor and enjoying a game of Apex Legends. As reported by The Oregonian, the incident Continue Reading

Magic: Legends’ first gameplay trailer shows a potential Diablo 3 killer

Something to look forward to: Developer Perfect World dropped a new gameplay trailer (via Game Informer) on Wednesday for its upcoming Magic: Legends. The company describes it as an MMO action RPG, but it looks more like a four-player co-op Diablo 3 clone, and there is nothing wrong with that. Continue Reading

Riot creates its own publishing label, will produce single-player games in the League of Legends universe

Why it matters: Riot Games is best known for its work on the ever-popular online MOBA League of Legends, but a couple months ago, the studio announced the existence of six new in-development titles, three of which are still shrouded in relative mystery. This announcement proved to the world that Continue Reading

EA vows to ‘double down’ on live service games as Apex Legends hits 70 million lifetime players

Electronic Arts might be one of the more controversial AAA video game publishers out there, but it’s certainly not the least successful. Despite seeing a revenue dip earlier this year — not unexpected for most games as time goes on — Apex Legends continues to perform well for EA, as Continue Reading