5 Security Lessons for Small Security Teams for the Post COVID19 Era – Tempemail

A full-time mass work from home (WFH) workforce was once considered an extreme risk scenario that few risk or security professionals even bothered to think about. Unfortunately, within a single day, businesses worldwide had to face such a reality. Their 3-year long digital transformation strategy was forced to become a Continue Reading

Lessons to Learn From Uber ‘s Tempemail Marketing Campaigns

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Major Lessons to be Learned from Top Cyber Attacks in 2020 – Tempemail

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Pentalog succeeds in growing by 9% in Q2, maintaining operational profitability! Lessons learned?- Tempemail

Given the current context, Pentalog’s performance is exceptional. Because whatever else you can say, this has been a severe shock – even in a sector like ours that has been spared the worst. The first thing I owe it to myself to do is thank the Pentalog teams for their Continue Reading

Our lessons from the Covid 19 crisis: Lenin Koduru, CTO, Abhibus.com- Tempemail

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Returning to the workplace: The lessons learned and what to keep in mind- Tempemail

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Lessons from lockdown: inside Fender’s coronavirus marketing retune- Tempemail

In April, Johnny Marr gave a virtual guitar lesson on Instagram Live from his home studio. Before strumming the chords to The Smiths’ 1985 tune Headmaster’s Ritual, he held up a recognisable gold guitar and explained: “This is my custom jag – a one-off comet sparkle that they made for Continue Reading