Leveraging FACE Conformance Artifacts to Support Airworthiness- Tempemail

Introduction The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) consortium annually hosts a Technical Interchange Meeting and Exhibition. The next event is planned for March 2021. Leading up to the FACE event, Tempemail and Rapita Systems are providing some background on the FACE architecture with a focus on our “one-stop shopping” ecosystem Continue Reading

Leveraging Communications Technology to Enhance Physical Security – Tempemail

Crime remains an ever-present danger in South Africa, and this has driven a demand for private security services, citizens are turning to private security companies to ensure their safety. It is perhaps not surprising then that the private security industry in South Africa is among the largest in the world, Continue Reading

3 Steps to Consider When Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Technologies | Tempemail

Sourced from InfoWorld. Internet traffic has grown around 15% in South Africa since the lockdown to fight COVID-19’s spread. More tangibly, the Internet exchange point provider NAPAfrica has been experiencing consistent traffic of over 1 Tbps for all but the early hours of the morning since the lockdown began – Continue Reading

FNB is Leveraging AI to Redefine Risk Management | Tempemail

Sourced from Htxt.Africa FNB has been harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine risk management and forensic due diligence processes. The result is the ability to review profiles for various financial crimes holistically, more rapidly, and more consistently, and free up the time of analysts to perform the functions that they Continue Reading

Leveraging Geo-spatial technology to effectively map the spread of COVID-19 to minimize its impact on business- Tempemail

Read Article The spread of Covid-19 and impended lockdown has impacted the SMBs and large corporations alike. A downward trend is on the showcase across sectors be it manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and Travel & Tourism ever since. With businesses trying to get their operations back on track, technology-backed solutions can Continue Reading

How companies are leveraging data in the insurance sector- Tempemail

Read Article “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore Data is the biggest currency today. Mining data accurately not only helps in cutting down on fraud claims, but also helps in identifying new prospects, increasing sales, and engaging better Continue Reading

Leveraging AI, ML for targeted skilling- Tempemail

Read Article The edtech startup was founded in 2018 by Kavita Mehta, who earlier led Asia’s leading education consultancy. Caymus, with its expansive, integrated, and holistic perspective, believes in driving empowerment on the bedrock of education, skills, and technology. The company‘s robust machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered Continue Reading

5 HR Tech Startups That Are Leveraging AI For Recruitment- Tempemail

Read Article Technology is one sector that is constantly evolving and finds purpose in every thinkable domain. There is an upward graph for number of innovative technologies and the number of industries adopting the technology. This decade’s most happening topic in the tech industry is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence Continue Reading

RPA and Way Beyond: Leveraging it Right in Finance and other Industries- Tempemail

Read Article By Unique Kumar RPA – The Robotic Process Automation, needs no introduction. Organizations, across industries, are embracing it intending to optimize delivery efficiencies – both in terms of costs and time. These process automations make even more sense in industries such as Banking and Finance where the need Continue Reading