Diary of a Lyft driver during Covid: ‘He says he’s not wearing a mask to ride in a car’ | Life and style

It is Sunday afternoon, and Jimmy is dancing a slow drunkard’s shuffle in the general direction of my car. His hand-eye coordination is severely compromised. He’s also not wearing a face mask. I am the Lyft driver sent here to collect him from the Hillsboro Bar and Grill in Hillsboro, Continue Reading

Map of the soul: how BTS rewrote the western pop rulebook | Music- Tempemail

BTS’s leader RM looks up from under a black baseball cap, then stares back down at his hands. “Doing the promotional interviews, [I kept saying], ‘Music truly transcends every barrier.’ But even while I was saying it I questioned myself if I indeed believe it.” It’s late September, and the Continue Reading

It’s time for fantasy fiction and role-playing games to shed their racist history | Games

When Black Lives Matter protests were raging following the death of George Floyd, the publishers of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, pledged to take concrete steps to make their games more diverse. Wizards of the Coast promised to “share what we’ve been doing, and what we plan to Continue Reading

Garmin Forerunner 745 review: the run, bike, swim-tracking sweet spot? | Technology

Garmin’s latest multisport smartwatch is the Forerunner 745, which takes almost everything from the firm’s top model and squeezes it into a smaller, lighter and cheaper device that’ll track pretty much anything. The new model costs £450, putting it between the £250 Forerunner 245 and the top £520 Forerunner 945. Continue Reading

My expensive new earphones promised to upgrade my life. Then they broke | Romesh Ranganathan | Life and style

I have been known to be wildly inconsistent with my reactions to expensive items. I will happily overpay for a pair of jeans, and later that same day bemoan the state of the world when an ice-cream costs a fiver, despite both items having a similar manufacturing cost. My biggest Continue Reading

How TikTok is proving beauty is more than skin deep | Technology- Tempemail

He grew up on a cattle ranch in Arizona before moving to New York to work on a department store makeup counter. Now at just 24, despite having no formal dermatology qualifications, Hyram Yarbro is a skincare guru to millions worldwide. Yarbro is one of a new breed of superstar Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian West at 40: how the queen of social media changed the world | Life and style- Tempemail

In the early hours of 3 October 2016, shortly before her 36th birthday, Kim Kardashian West found herself with a gun to her head, tied up in a rented apartment in Paris, begging for her life. Over the previous few days, Kardashian West had posted 15 images on Instagram documenting Continue Reading

Instagram censored one of these photos but not the other. We must ask why | Technology

Last week brought an issue to the attention of millions of Instagram users – one that we in marginalised communities have been aware of for years: the Instagram algorithm favours thin, white, cisgendered people and effectively censors the rest of us. On Friday, Australian comedic juggernaut Celeste Barber posted the Continue Reading

Nintendo’s new remote-control toy brings real Mario Kart races home | Games

Mario Kart has been a family favourite since the early 1990s thanks to its potent combination of cute characters, speedy but simple racing and an array of red shells, banana skins and other eye-wateringly unfair tools of playful sabotage. Nintendo’s latest experiment in the toy world, made in collaboration with Continue Reading

The wall between what’s private and what’s not is dissolving. Which side am I on? | Hadley Freeman | Opinion- Tempemail

A celebrity story broke last week that gave me, as my fellow young people would say, all the feels. But they were not good feels. In fact, they were pretty much every feel except the good kind: sad for the celebrity, bad about myself, uncertain about the world today. This Continue Reading