Do millennials actually know how to email? An investigation | Life and style

This week, Prof Brittney Cooper from Rutgers University caused a small internet storm when she asked a simple question: “Why don’t modern college kids know how to send a formal letter/email?” She added that her students frequently email her simply saying “Hello.” Why don’t modern college kids know how to Continue Reading

Armie Hammer: Everything the actor has said publicly about his sex life- Tempemail

Armie Hammer has been trending on Twitter this week after direct messages allegedly sent by the actor surfaced, alluding to misconduct. The messages, which appeared to be sent from the actor’s official Instagram account, describe graphic sexual fantasies, and included references to rape, violence and cannibalism.   According to Page Continue Reading

The nobody-nose job: how the pandemic led to a rise in plastic surgery | Life and style

When Kaafiya Abdulle gave birth to her son in April 2017, she chose to breastfeed. A year later, she switched to baby formula, hyper-vigilant of the effects nursing had on her breasts. Unhappy with the sagging and shrinking that had occurred, she began to research breast lifts – a procedure Continue Reading

‘A moronic clerk with a good memory’ – the computer takeover, 1969 | Life and style

On 26 October 1969, the Observer Magazine attempted to get to grips with the burgeoning computer revolution (‘Computer Takeover’). ‘What then is a computer?’ asked John Davy. ‘It has been well described as an obedient, very moronic clerk with an exceptionally good memory.’ Well, we’ve all met one of those. Continue Reading

In case you missed them: the Guardian’s unsung heroes of 2020 | Life and style

Election pranksters True to form for an administration that could make the most routine tasks somehow absurd, Donald Trump couldn’t even lose an election without making it weird. With close but clear results, he refused to concede, concocting a series of unhinged conspiracy theories about stolen votes and fraud – Continue Reading

Viral quiz of the year: how well do you know the memes of 2020? | Life and style- Tempemail

You got… Say what you will about 2020, but some of the memes were OK, weren’t they. What did you DO all year? It’s like you weren’t even on the internet at all! All that time online this year has paid off for you. 100%! Let these memes be the Continue Reading

Internet trolls are a ghastly part of modern life and should be called out- Tempemail

I read Shappi Khorsandi’s column with interest about the continuing vilification of celebrities on social media, which is a great cause for concern. I remember seeing Jesy Nelson’s very brave and illuminating programme Odd One Out and was impressed by her willingness to tell it how it is, about the Continue Reading

How artificial intelligence helped me overcome my dyslexia | Life and style

I’m 10 years old. Minutes into a maths lesson and my palms have already begun to sweat. I’ve positioned myself in the back row, but the teacher walks up and down the aisles of the classroom, peering over our shoulders. I don’t understand the rules. The teacher’s voice becomes a Continue Reading

Is your browser window full of open tabs? Time for a digital declutter | Life and style

When I was a kid, The World’s Strongest Man was televised each year during the fallow period between Christmas Day and New Year. The thing I remember most was the sheer release on the faces of men built like tree trunks when they stopped pulling a train, say, or rearranging Continue Reading

Was Lori Loughlin’s daughter wrong to ask Black women to restore her image? | Life and style- Tempemail

In March 2019, the largest US college admissions scandal unfurled when 50 people were charged for their organized efforts to buy their childrens’ admission to America’s most prestigious universities. Among the group were notable celebrities and public figures such as Michelle Janavs and Felicity Huffman, but the most outrageous case Continue Reading