Meet the in-betweeners: the suddenly public lives of internet celebrities | Life and style- Tempemail

You probably know Sarah Bahbah, by her name, or her work – but you probably wouldn’t be able to pick her out in a crowd. You may have seen her recent cover shot of DJ Khaled for GQ; or you may know her other visual art work –like her subtitle Continue Reading

‘I found my identity’: how TikTok is changing the lives of its popular Indigenous creators | Indigenous Australians- Tempemail

Growing up in the foster care system, Nich Richie never really felt connected to Indigenous culture. “I didn’t have ready access to information growing up … I didn’t know anything about Indigenous people’s culture. I didn’t know about activism. I didn’t get to see myself on any platform,” says Richie, Continue Reading

22-Year-Old Charged With Hacking Water System and Endangering Lives – Tempemail

A 22-year-old man from the U.S. state of Kansas has been indicted on charges that he unauthorizedly accessed a public water facility’s computer system, jeopardizing the residents’ safety and health in the local community. Wyatt A. Travnichek, 22, of Ellsworth County, Kansas, has been charged with one count of tampering Continue Reading

How to battle the Covid lies that are costing lives | Coronavirus- Tempemail

George Monbiot’s Sage-type panel of experts – which he would like to see “identifying claims that present a genuine danger to life and proposing their temporary prohibition to parliament” – would almost certainly be counterproductive, and be a godsend to conspiracy-mongers (Covid lies cost lives – we have a duty Continue Reading

Covid lies cost lives – we have a duty to clamp down on them | Coronavirus- Tempemail

Why do we value lies more than lives? We know that certain falsehoods kill people. Some of those who believe such claims as “coronavirus doesn’t exist”, “it’s not the virus that makes people ill but 5G”, or “vaccines are used to inject us with microchips” fail to take precautions or Continue Reading

Online abuse is destroying lives – now is the time to take real action and protect the public- Tempemail

Next year the government has a golden opportunity to reduce the prevalence of – and harm caused by – online abuse.   The long-awaited Online Harms Bill is to be presented to parliament for debate in the New Year. This bill could have one of two legacies. It could mark Continue Reading

‘We all need magic in our lives’: how Santa’s grottos moved online to beat the pandemic | Christmas

Five bearded men, dressed head to toe as Santa, wearing fur-trimmed face masks, file into an office building in London and sit behind wooden desks – laptops and webcams in front of them. The room has been made magical with the addition of a red and gold curtain, a snow-flecked Continue Reading

10 years of Instagram: how it has transformed our lives | News- Tempemail

Sarah Frier is a tech reporter based in San Francisco who has watched the meteoric rise of Instagram, from its humble beginnings as a startup with a handful of employees to becoming a $100bn company. She talks to Rachel Humphreys about how the photo-sharing platform has become the most influential Continue Reading

Trolls on ‘dragging sites’ can ruin lives. It’s time they answered for their actions | Sali Hughes | Opinion- Tempemail

Suppose a website published hundreds of false allegations about your work, relationship and personal life. That, say, you’d had your hand in the till, were accepting bribes from clients, were abusive to an employee, had plagiarised a peer’s design. Let’s also say – if you can bear it – that Continue Reading

Black Lives Matter meets Animal Crossing: how protesters take their activism into video games | Games

As street protests against anti-black racism erupted across the globe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players were taking their own stand. Adelle, a software engineer from New York, decided to create a memorial on her in-game island, decorated with flowers and pixel art portraits of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Continue Reading