Love Island star Amy Hart says she had online death threat from 13-year-old | Online abuse- Tempemail

Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart has said her online abusers are often married people with children or in jobs like nursing, and that she received a death threat from a 13-year-old child. Hart, who was giving evidence to a committee of MPs investigating influencer culture, said she had 3,000 Continue Reading

Love Island and the concerns about psychological distress that won’t go away | Love Island- Tempemail

It has been a series full of drama, dumpings and more than a few heads turning at Casa Amor. But, after eight weeks, Love Island draws to a close on Monday. The seventh season of ITV2’s reality TV staple has not appeared sanitised as many predicted, after producers introduced duty Continue Reading

‘It turns love into a competitive sport’: The politics of sharing your relationship on Instagram- Tempemail

On Thursday 8 July, Millennial Love, a book based on The Independent podcast of the same name was published by 4th Estate. Like the podcast, the book explores the questions, quirks and anxieties that consume the contemporary dating landscape. Having been praised by the likes of Matt Haig and Pandora Continue Reading

Love Island: Despite what contestants might think, women do exist beyond their 30th birthday- Tempemail

“I’m officially the grandmother goose of the villa,” said Love Island’s latest contestant, Rachel Finni, who is the ancient, creaking, woodland-witch-in-a-cabin, give-up-your-seat-for-her-on-the-Tube old age of… 29. “You’re 29?!” squeaked Chuggs, the first to ask Rachel her age and the one to give the reaction of the internet at large: one Continue Reading

Peonies envy: do I really love blowsy flowers or has Instagram destroyed my ability to think? | Emma Beddington- Tempemail

On an enforced mid-walk pause as the elderly dog licks a lamppost in confusion, my husband’s eyes alight on the nearest garden. “Ugh,” he says. “That’s ugly.” A thrill of delicious horror runs through me: he is pointing at a peony. A bubblegum-pink one, sure, but a peony: it’s like Continue Reading

‘It’s not like you were in a war, love’: the ignorance surrounding an MP with PTSD | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett- Tempemail

At the beginning of the pandemic, I reread Mrs Dalloway. I wasn’t the only one – something about the novel seemed to resonate; as Evan Kindley noted in the New Yorker last April, the spectre of Spanish flu hangs subtly but perceptibly over it. I had first read it as Continue Reading

‘I couldn’t be with someone who liked Jack Reacher’: can our taste in books help us find love? | Books

“He mentioned in his bio that he liked Virginia Woolf and I was like, ‘Ah! The dream boy,” says Francesca, 34, who met her boyfriend Andy on Tinder. They spent two years as friends, exchanging books and chatting about Mrs Dalloway, until one day Francesca had a revelation during lockdown: Continue Reading

‘This is radical love’ – the glorious, rich history of black queer Britain | Photography- Tempemail

We launched the digital archive Black and Gay, Back in the Day on Instagram at the start of LGBTQ History Month on 1 February. We wanted to document the lives of Black queer people in Britain – not just those seen as icons or famous figures but the everyday people Continue Reading

Why are male politicians in love with topless vaccine selfies? | Vaccines and immunisation- Tempemail

Are you man enough for a vaxxie (that’s a vaccination selfie to you and me)? That’s the question some of us are asking after having seen a host of politicians pose shirtless while getting their Covid-19 jabs. Not since Vladimir Putin shared those topless holiday pics, perfecting the butterfly stroke Continue Reading

‘As much as I love Depop, it triggers me’: is body image a fashion disruptor’s final frontier? | Fashion- Tempemail

Capturing the attention of the discerning late millennial and Gen Z crowd is a marketer’s dream. It’s a dream that Depop – a platform for buying and selling secondhand and homemade clothes – is fast realising. The UK-based virtual fleamarket launched in Australia just over a year ago, and now Continue Reading