Why Marketers Need to Start Thinking About AI Chatbots

More and more customers are using social media to contact businesses, flooding inboxes with hundreds of direct messages.  Every marketer knows that customer experience is important, so no message should be left unread. However, catering to every single customer from all your social media channels is nearly impossible.  With AI-driven Continue Reading

Roku explains OTT audience surge as its OneView ad product comes to market- Tempemail

Brands are adopting a more OTT-heavy ad strategy to reach audiences in lockdown according to Sam Bloom, chief executive officer at Camelot. OTT firm Roku has been unlocking this data to help migrate brands into the channel. “The biggest challenge going forward is how we think about the TV business,” Continue Reading

Ask Keith Weed: How much marketing budget should be spent on upskillng marketers?- Tempemail

Each week, revered marketer and chairman of the Advertising Association Keith Weed, who will be one of the speakers at Tempemail’s Can-Do Festival, will take questions from marketers around the world in an attempt to help solve their problems through is experience of a long, and highly successful career that Continue Reading

Marketers: use first party data or die- Tempemail

Everyone’s been saying it: customer data platforms, advertising and publisher data platforms, agencies. First-party data is now very important in digital marketing. Lotame says first-party data is “the most valuable [type of data…] first party data is king.” Segment says it is detailed, accurate, respectful and a unique asset. Sovrn Continue Reading

Now is the time for marketers to reevaluate multi-touch attribution- Tempemail

Although it’s a precarious time to make sweeping business changes, Gain Theory’s Russell Nuzzo makes the case for near-term measurement in lieu of marketers’ favourite – multi-touch attribution. Every organization is asking the same question: if the world economy is frozen, what can I cut that will still allow me Continue Reading

Win them over with Webinars: Why B2B marketers should be using webinars at all stages of the customer journey- Tempemail

Read Article As organizations have embraced totally new models for work during the COVID-19 crisis and are preparing to have far more remote workers, they will look at leveraging various collaboration tools to set up a communication channel not only within the organization but also with the external customers. And Continue Reading

If empathy is the key to cracking what consumers want, how should marketers get ready?- Tempemail

“Try to be helpful, try to be human, try to be empathetic,” says Braze GM and VP success EMEA, James Manderson, on how brands can respond to the ongoing pandemic. In an interview with Tempemail associate editor, Sonoo Singh, during Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival, Manderson spoke about the importance of Continue Reading

Havas ME ECD Mark Fiddes on why marketers should pay heed to poetry resurgence- Tempemail

Havas creative powerhouse and poet Mark Fiddes believes marketers should pay more attention to the power of verse. Fiddes, Havas Middle East executive creative director, speaking during Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival as part of the ‘What’s on your bookshelf?’ series, pointed out: “Shorter formats are all the more popular. It’s Continue Reading