How a MailChimp Salesforce integration can optimize your Tempemail Marketing Campaigns?

Tempemail marketing experts agree that personalized emails perform better than generic campaigns. In fact, personalized emails have higher open and click rates. Not to mention that they reflect a better understanding of a brand’s customer base, and help increase sales. The number one difficulty marketers face when building personalized emails Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

Social media has moved away from being just a platform where people share information and chat with friends and family. Smart companies have taken advantage of the platform’s enormous potential and are using social media for ecommerce, customer service, marketing, public relations, and more. However, managing social media and all Continue Reading

How To Boost Your Ecommerce Tempemail Marketing with Bonuses, Benefits & Rewards

Even the safest bets in the online retail world — the household names, the brands that generate hype and speculation with everything they do — can’t dial down their marketing efforts. Even Apple can’t simply say “Hey, here’s some iPads” and expect to beat its previous quarter. Other brands will Continue Reading

RFP Checklist for Social Media Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing Specialist In today’s social and digital landscape, brands universally recognize that social media plays a critical role in their overall marketing and sales success. Thus, it’s more important than ever for companies to invest in the right technology to manage, measure, and analyze their social media marketing initiatives.  Continue Reading

Tempemail Marketing Team Roles, Collaboration, and Salaries 2020

Are you putting together an email marketing team? Or looking to improve your email team workflows? Maybe your interested to see how email marketing teams collaborate in other companies to produce emails? Find out all of the answers to these questions, and more! Tempemail marketing is not dead. With more Continue Reading

State of Influencer Marketing Report: Effects of Coronavirus

Socialbakers’ State of Influencer Marketing Report highlights the effects of COVID-19 on the industry over the past few months. It reveals data that shows how brands have adjusted and adapted to the environment brought on by a worldwide pandemic. The initial impact of the coronavirus seemed to be an overall Continue Reading

Tendências de Mídias Sociais: O Impacto do Coronavirus no Marketing

O Relatório de Tendências de Mídias Sociais, para o 1º trimestre de 2020, aborda em detalhes os impactos do COVID-19 causados nas tendências de marketing destacadas anteriormente pela Socialbakers. O atual Relatório descreve dados que refletem mudanças cruciais no mercado e também destaca como marcas reagiram aos impactos da pandemia. Continue Reading