Behind China’s ‘pork miracle’: how technology is transforming rural hog farming | Environment

In November 2018, I travelled to Guangzhou, a city of about 14 million people in southern China. Late autumn is the time for making lap yuk, a type of preserved pork that is a local speciality, and across town I would often spot slabs of meat hanging from high-rise apartment Continue Reading

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman review – the future of food, birth and death? | Science and nature books

In a plain factory building in the San Marcos hills, north of San Diego in California, a technological revolution is under way. There, a team of AI experts are developing a new brand of woman that can smile, flutter her eyelids, make small-talk and remember the names of your siblings. Continue Reading

Gen Z in APAC will eat less meat and prefer ominchannel shopping- Tempemail

Generation Z (Gen Z) are more politically aware, more environmentally conscious and more socially progressive than those before them. This is especially the case for those who live in Asia Pacific, which remains the world’s fastest-growing region and is experiencing geopolitical shifts, trade battles and territorial disputes. This means the Continue Reading

Meat Loaf won’t go for vegan rebrand in Frankie & Benny’s spot- Tempemail

Italian restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s has subverted the inescapable barrage of vegan marketing stunts with a humourous spot featuring an increasingly enraged Meat Loaf refusing a veggie rebrand. The ad sees the Frankie & Benny’s PR team pitching the artist with a hair-brained scheme to change his name to Continue Reading