Isbell to donate his share of Morgan Wallen’s sales to NAACP Sales share Jason Isbell Morgan Wallen Money- Tempemail

Grammy-winning singer songwriter Jason Isbell says he is going to donate money that he makes from Morgan Wallen s cover of his song “Cover Me Up” to the NAACP. Wallen, who has had the No. 1 album in the country for the past four weeks, was caught on camera last Continue Reading

Snapchat Spotlight: feature gives rival TikTok a run for its money | Snapchat- Tempemail

Pet influencers are nothing new on social media. From Marnie the shih tzu (RIP) to Grumpy Cat (also RIP), there’s a long history of animals becoming famous on the internet – and their owners making a quick buck off them in turn. But Crusha, a nine-year-old black-and-white moggy from Norfolk, Continue Reading

Refurbished smartphones are widely available – so should you buy one? | Money

Buying new smartphones gets worse for the wallet every year. Back in 2008, the first generation iPhone cost about $700. The tenth generation started at $1,549. Today, the top-shelf iPhone 12 Pro Max with more than 500gb of storage is an uncomfortable $2,369 – about a third more than the Continue Reading

Wall Street versus the Redditors: the GameStop goldrush – podcast | News

At the beginning of the year, not many people were paying attention to GameStop. Its business of selling video games in retail stores looked increasingly shaky as the market shifted ever more online in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. GameStop’s seemingly grim prospects led Wall Street hedge funds to Continue Reading

Remitano makes Money Transfer between South Africa and other Countries Easier and Faster with the New “Cash-out” Feature – Tempemail

Due to the ever-increasing volume of money transfers across the globe, Remitano, a global escrow-marketplace, has just launched a smart, free, and safe approach for international money transfers. This system will allow South Africans to send and receive Rands (ZAR) from other countries without incurring the high fees charged by Continue Reading

Facebook ‘still making money from anti-vax sites’ | Facebook

Facebook is allowing users to profit from the spread of potentially dangerous false theories and misinformation about the pandemic and vaccines, including deploying money-raising tools on pages with content flagged up by the social media giant’s own factcheckers. An investigation has found 430 pages – followed by 45 million people Continue Reading

Who uses social media for financial advice? Lots of people, actually | Money- Tempemail

This week GameStop, an American video game retailer, became the most traded security in the world thanks to Reddit users. Specifically, thanks to the now more than 5 million users who make up r/WallStreetBets. The Redditors are currently in a head-to-head war with hedge funds over who has the right Continue Reading

Young women of colour navigate the risky world of forex trading | Money

For 21-year-old Lina Khalid, it’s her grandmother’s dream of visiting Mecca that drives her while trading currency. “I’m gonna do it. Even if I have days where I’m not going to sleep, I’m gonna do it,” she says. A car for herself, some Air Jordans for her sister and being Continue Reading