How TikTok is using the Brits to establish credibility in the British music scene- Tempemail

At the Brit Awards tonight (18 February) TikTok will be making its presence felt in a big way through a live-steam takeover that will be amplified directly to London’s Piccadilly Circus digital screens. It’s a major play from the app in the UK to woo British musical talent to its Continue Reading

‘I was afraid of the world’: Rebecca Black gets candid nine years after Friday video | Music- Tempemail

The singer Rebecca Black has opened up about her struggle with depression following the release her viral hit Friday nine years ago. In an emotional social media post to honor the anniversary, Black wrote about feeling “ashamed of herself” and “afraid of the world” during the height of her fame Continue Reading

Why we should stop trying to be ‘interesting’ | André Spicer | Opinion- Tempemail

Being interesting is hard work. In Miss Americana, the recent Netflix documentary about Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter tells of the pressure she feels to constantly reinvent herself, lest her fans lose interest. “The female artists I know of have to remake themselves, like, 20 times more than the male artists,” Continue Reading

Why Justin Bieber’s TikTok campaign for ‘Yummy’ is so embarrassing- Tempemail

If you think the most embarrassing thing about Justin Bieber is the way his trousers sit below his bum, you are wrong. Since the release of his new song “Yummy”, Bieber has been needier on social media than that reply guy who keeps popping up in your DMs with “you Continue Reading

Elon Musk’s new EDM single reviewed – ‘Bringing erectile dysfunction to the masses!’ | Music

Like Charles Foster Kane splashing his millions on promoting his mistress’s disastrous opera career, very rich men have, in recent years, displayed a certain tendency to come to grief when dabbling in the field of music. First, the now-incarcerated pharma bro Martin Shkreli bought the only extant copy of the Continue Reading

The Witcher Soundtrack Vol. 1 hits streaming music services tomorrow

A true multimedia franchise: Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher has received a lot of attention over the years in the form of video games developed by CD Projekt Red. More recently it has been adapted into a television series and an upcoming anime. Now it is invading the music space with Continue Reading

Amazon Music surpasses 55 million users, “nearly all” of which are paying subscribers

The big picture: Apple and Spotify’s stranglehold on the streaming music market isn’t as tight as perceived as a third competitor is right on their heels. Amazon has been able to make meaningful headway in the crowded streaming space thanks in part to its pricing structure. Steve Boom, head of Continue Reading

Why AI music will let human artists be less like machines- Tempemail

“Music inspires us. We believe in the power of music to inspire”… so proclaims the new Apple Music for Business landing page. As a concept, music for business is booming, but when brands talk about ‘music’ can we take them at face value? Is it really ‘music’, stripped of all Continue Reading