Bridgerton: The Musical? Fans of Netflix hit take tunes to TikTok | Stage- Tempemail

Bridgerton, the Regency-era TV smash that sparked a virtual water-cooler moment for period drama fans, is now firing the imaginations of musical theatre devotees on TikTok. The Netflix drama, which confirmed a second series yesterday, is being reimagined on social media as a stage show and the hashtag #BridgertonTheMusical has Continue Reading

Public Domain review – social-media musical swipes at Facebook | Theatre

A computer cursor clicks on the instruction “Add as friend”, and our screens open up to a theatre set where two millennials sing: “We came here to find friends, and just like that we felt a little less alone.” Facebook’s digital motifs – thumbs up symbols and love hearts – Continue Reading

The real stories of musical ‘muses’ – podcast of the week | Podcasts

Picks of the week About a GirlA strangely listenable show from the makers of hit true crime series Disgraceland, About a Girl offers a scripted, partly-fictionalised look at 12 women behind some of music’s biggest names, among them David Bowie’s first wife, Angie Bowie, and Rita Marley, spouse of Bob. Continue Reading

No Straight Roads review – a musical journey riddled with potholes | Games

Musical adventure No Straight Roads certainly got my foot tapping, albeit more due to frustration than the game’s admittedly catchy tunes. Set in the music-obsessed metropolis of Vinyl City, No Straight Roads sees you play as two wannabe rock stars fighting against the dictatorship of NSR records, which not only Continue Reading

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet allows you to create and play your own musical compositions

Highly ambitious: I have always found it fascinating when people cleverly use an app in a way that it was not originally intended to be used. It’s even better when the results are nearly as impressive as the software used to create it. One such creation is a DAW made Continue Reading

Musical notes: Justin Bieber’s TikTok-friendly Yummy is too eager to go viral | Music- Tempemail

Pop and rock music, in its multifarious forms, seems to shift faster than ever. In 2020, we’re bombarded not just with music – more of which is readily available to everyone than at any point in history – but an unrelenting barrage of the stuff that goes along with music: Continue Reading

Ads we like: Tourism Australia musical campaign fronted by Kylie targets Brits- Tempemail

Pop star Kylie Minogue is the face of the latest Tourism Australia campaign with a three minute-plus song that aims to persuade British travelers to visit the country. Along with comedian Adam Hills and cricketer Shane Warne as well as some other local stars, Kyle’s musical performance takes a cheeky Continue Reading

Avicii Invector review – an immersive musical tribute | Games

The search for this year’s Christmas party video game may be over. Following the rejuvenated interest in the “rhythm action” genre brought about by titles such as Beat Saber and Tetris Effect, Avicii Invector takes the cerebral visual immersion of the latter title and plants it in a beautiful, fast-paced Continue Reading