Naomi Osaka has forced us to reevaluate what we expect of our sports stars- Tempemail

This has never really been a story about tennis. The sport, for the moment at least, matters a lot less than the mental health of one its stars. I’m sure Naomi Osaka, who has withdrawn from the French Open, would rather we focused on the tennis – right now, she Continue Reading

Naomi Klein: how big tech helps India target climate activists | India

The bank of cameras camped outside Delhi’s sprawling Tihar jail was the sort of media frenzy you would expect to await a prime minister caught in an embezzlement scandal, or a Bollywood star caught in the wrong bed. Instead, the cameras were waiting for Disha Ravi, a nature-loving 22-year-old vegan Continue Reading

Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub: the 10 funniest things we have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy- Tempemail

The last time two women did this list, they split it into two halves and said while they are both girls, they are not the same. Well, Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub are both girls and we’re exactly the same. We refuse to be separated from the comforting monolith of Continue Reading

Naomi Osaka calls out critics who shamed her for swimsuit photos: ‘Why do you feel like you can comment on what I can wear?’- Tempemail

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has called out critics who shamed her over recent pictures she shared of herself in a bikini. Throughout this month, the 22-year-old has shared multiple photos on Instagram of herself by the pool. “Welp mornin’ to you I guess,” Osaka captioned two photos of herself posing Continue Reading

What happened when six travellers were told they were not allowed to post to Instagram | Michael James Walsh, Naomi F Dale and Raechel Johns | Opinion- Tempemail

In the years since selfie sticks went global, it has become clear that the mobile phone has changed the way we travel. The ubiquity of social media means tourists can now produce content on the move for their networked audiences to view in close to real time. Where once we Continue Reading