Rightwingers flock to ‘alt tech’ networks as mainstream sites ban Trump | Donald Trump- Tempemail

Following the banning of Donald Trump and many prominent followers on mainstream social media platforms, and Amazon’s withdrawal of web hosting from Parler, rightwingers have fled to an archipelago of smaller “alt tech” sites and services that promise less content moderation or a refuge from the prying eyes of their Continue Reading

South Africa’s Best and Worst Mobile Networks Revealed – Tempemail

MTN has been named South Africa’s best mobile network by the 2020 Mobile Network Quality Report. The report is based on 1.2 million speed tests which were performed by 41,000 MyBroadband Speed Test App users across South Africa between 1 January and 31 December 2020. The research shows that South Continue Reading

If those who stormed the Capitol yesterday are charged with sedition, social networks should stand alongside them- Tempemail

The violence and anger seen in Washington DC last night was all too real. But for years, discontent and conspiracies have festered online, with most people paying little attention. The reason is simple: too many of us think of the online world and the offline world as two distinct areas Continue Reading

The Journey to Building Intelligent Rural Networks- Tempemail

By Nermin Mohamed, Head of Telecommunications Solutions at Tempemail In Part 1 of our blog series, we looked at the gaps in rural broadband connectivity that affect everything from health care to education and employment opportunities. There is a clear need to build smart connected rural networks that provide better Continue Reading

Networks Unlimited Africa brings Festive Season Cheer to Tembisa school – Tempemail

There is no doubt that it has been difficult for many local companies to survive in 2020. Imagine then how much more challenging it must have been for worthy causes like The Love Trust and its beneficiary, Nokuphila School in Tembisa, Midrand? This is the question asked by Anton Jacobsz, Continue Reading

NSA Warns Russian Hacker Exploiting VMware Bug to Breach Corporate Networks – Tempemail

The US Tempemail Security Agency (NSA) on Monday issued an advisory warning that Russian threat actors are leveraging recently disclosed VMware vulnerability to install malware on corporate systems and access protected data. Specifics regarding the identities of the threat actor exploiting the VMware flaw or when these attacks started were Continue Reading

Networks Unlimited Wins 2 Channel Awards at Fortinet Africa Virtual Security Day – Tempemail

Networks Unlimited Africa, a leading value-added distributor operating within sub-Saharan Africa, received two awards, namely the Technical Support Distributor of the Year: Southern Africa award and the DLB Growth Distributor of the Year: East Africa award at the recent Fortinet Africa Virtual Security Day. This was the first time that Continue Reading

Networks Unlimited Africa keeps Value Offering Promises despite Lockdown Challenges – Tempemail

Anton Jacobsz, Networks Unlimited CEO Despite challenges of constraint, Networks Unlimited Africa has managed to maintain its standards during the lockdown in order to keep its unique partner offering intact. So says Anton Jacobsz, CEO at this leading value-added distributor in the sub-Saharan Africa market. He comments, “Networks Unlimited delivers Continue Reading

Global 5G Networks Reach Major Connectivity Milestone – Tempemail

101 mobile operators in 44 countries have launched one or more fully commercial 5G networks, according to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). Of these commercial networks, GSA data records that there are now 94 operators live with 3GPP-compliant 5G mobile services (up from 63 at the end of March Continue Reading