Nvidia teases limited edition Cyberpunk 2077-themed GPU

Something to look forward to: Cyberpunk 2077 is arguably the most-anticipated game of 2020, especially on PC, where gamers will likely be able to pump up the graphical settings and get better performance or visuals. The futuristic RPG is sure to be a demanding title if the gameplay we’ve seen Continue Reading

Nvidia supercharges core counts with new MX350 and MX330 laptop GPUs

In a nutshell: Nvidia has quietly unveiled two new budget laptop graphics cards, the Pascal-based MX350 and MX330. The former carries a core count of 640 and the latter 384, which is two-thirds more and a half more than the preceding MX250 and MX230, respectively. The new pair won’t be Continue Reading

Activision Blizzard’s games were pulled from GeForce Now due to a “misunderstanding,” Nvidia says

In context: A couple of days ago, we reported on Activision Blizzard’s decision to pull its game catalog from Nvidia’s newly-launched (for the public) “GeForce Now” game streaming service. However, new information suggests there might be more to the story — Nvidia now says the whole situation was the result Continue Reading

Nvidia trims earnings outlook by $100 million over coronavirus concerns

In brief: Nvidia in its latest earnings report this week said it generated $3.11 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 that ended on January 26. That’s an increase of 41 percent over the $2.21 billion brought in during the same period a year ago and Continue Reading

Nvidia forced to remove Activision Blizzard games from GeForce Now

What just happened? Nvidia GeForce Now is shaping up to be a decent way for hopping onto the cloud gaming bandwagon, but the service recently took a hit from publisher Activision Blizzard, who’ve decided to remove their entire catalog of Battle.net games from GeForce Now’s content library. The term ‘cloud Continue Reading

Nvidia cancels MWC 2020 plans, despite sponsoring the event

What just happened? Nvidia has decided not to send any employees to Mobile World Congress this year, citing concerns about the dangers of international travel during the coronavirus outbreak. While they’re not the first company to cancel their travel plans, as a major MWC partner they’re sacrificing more than most. Continue Reading

3 Reasons why Cloud Gaming Devices will fail, for nowIT News Africa – Up to date technology news, IT news, Digital news, Telecom news, Mobile news, Gadgets news, Analysis and Reports

February 6, 2020 • Cloud Computing, Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories The future of gaming is… Now? According to several articles reviewing the latest and greatest Cloud Gaming device releases, such as the Nvidia Geforce Now and the highly publicized Google Stadia, the consensus is all very similar. The sentiment Continue Reading

Nvidia opens next chapter of cloud gaming with GeForce Now, set to challenge Google’s Stadia

The big picture: Cloud-based gaming is expected to be one of the most important trends of the new decade. Not only does it offer the potential to drive large amounts of income for many different companies, the technical demands required are going to have a big impact across a number Continue Reading

Next-gen Nvidia GPUs will power the Big Red 200 supercomputer by fall

In a nutshell: Indiana University has announced that its Big Red 200 supercomputer will be upgraded with new, unreleased Nvidia hardware by fall this year. Consider the Ampere architecture confirmed. The Big Red 200 is a new $9.6 million supercomputer being built for Indiana University. It was originally designed to Continue Reading

Graphics stalwart Matrox collaborates with Nvidia on new video card series

What just happened? Longtime graphics player Matrox this week announced a partnership with former rival Nvidia to develop a new range of multi-display embedded graphics cards for high-density video walls. The cards will leverage Nvidia’s Quadro GPU to power commercial and 24/7 critical environment applications, we’re told. Matrox is a Continue Reading