Victims in 84% of online grooming cases are girls | Society- Tempemail

Greater online protection for girls is urgently needed, say experts, after new analysis revealed that 84% of grooming offences recorded under a law that makes it illegal to send sexual messages to children involved female victims. It is the first time that the gender of victims in police records has Continue Reading

How the online safety bill could endanger free speech and the sex industry | Australia news

The online safety bill that’s currently before the Senate has alarmed free speech advocates, tech companies and Australia’s sex industry, with many concerned it gives too much power to one bureaucrat over what you can post online. Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to porn performer Charlie Forde and reporter Josh Taylor about Continue Reading

What can the modern novel tell us about life in the age of the internet? | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | Opinion- Tempemail

These days, when I log on to Twitter, I increasingly find myself at a loss for words. I’m a writer and I’ve never been one to fear the tyranny of the white page. But that little blank box at the top of my news feed, the one that asks: “What’s Continue Reading

Trolls on ‘dragging sites’ can ruin lives. It’s time they answered for their actions | Sali Hughes | Opinion- Tempemail

Suppose a website published hundreds of false allegations about your work, relationship and personal life. That, say, you’d had your hand in the till, were accepting bribes from clients, were abusive to an employee, had plagiarised a peer’s design. Let’s also say – if you can bear it – that Continue Reading

Twitter faces backlash over abuse policy in wake of Trump illness | Technology- Tempemail

Twitter is facing a growing backlash in the wake of Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis as users accuse it of double standards in the way it polices those who wish death on others. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay and former children’s laureate Malorie Blackman OBE are among thousands of Twitter users to accuse Continue Reading

Conspiracy theorist ordered to pay $875,000 over ‘delusional’ posts targeting Nationals MP | Australia news- Tempemail

A conspiracy theorist who accused a Nationals MP of being “a member of a secretive paedophile network” on social media has been ordered to pay $875,000 in damages, after a federal court judge labelled the claims “disgraceful and inexplicable”. Guardian Australia revealed last month that Anne Webster, a first-term federal Continue Reading

Revenge porn in Australia: the law is only as effective as the law enforcement | Society- Tempemail

When Laura* was 14, she was convinced that her boyfriend was the love of her life. So, when several girls messaged her to say he had sent them a video of her drunk and engaging in a sexual act, she told herself they were lying. “I was just like, ‘Oh, Continue Reading

The real bullies who spread hatred and division aren’t on Twitter – they’re in plain sight | Nyadol Nyuon | Society- Tempemail

There is no doubt that Twitter can be a hostile, even vicious, place. There is also little doubt that the viciousness on Twitter contributes to the “coarsening of political dialogue” and that in turn suffocates “civilised debate”. As stated by Amnesty International, the abuse experienced on Twitter, especially by women, Continue Reading

Twitter to introduce ability to stop people replying to tweets | Technology- Tempemail

Twitter users will be able to prevent others from replying to their tweets, the company has announced, in a move it hopes will prevent antisocial behaviour on the platform while improving the quality of conversation for all. But the new features could undercut the social network’s ambition to prevent the Continue Reading

Instagram to warn users over ‘bullying’ language in captions

Instagram is to warn its users when they are using language in their captions that may be perceived as offensive or bullying. The social media company said it will use artificial intelligence to spot language in captions that could be deemed potentially harmful. A similar feature, which alerts users when Continue Reading