I’m a TV presenter who’s been pilloried on social media. I know the damage it can do | Kirstie Allsopp | Opinion- Tempemail

This is not a piece about Caroline Flack, partly because I never met her and I don’t watch Love Island, though I do know that she was a sister and a twin, and the idea of losing one of my sisters, or trying to explain their death to my children, Continue Reading

Opinion: Apple coronavirus warnings highlight complexities of tech supply chains

As the impact of the coronavirus spreads, Apple issued a rare statement yesterday related to the coronavirus’ impact on its quarterly earnings guidance and that announcement is now reverberating throughout the tech industry as well. The company reported that its current quarter’s earnings will likely be negatively affected by several Continue Reading

Instagram brought us so close to Caroline Flack that her death seems personal | Leah Green | Opinion- Tempemail

For fans of Love Island, like me, Caroline Flack became a familiar figure in our lives over the past five years. She was in our living rooms every summer, and for those of us who use social media, on our phones almost every day. Through Instagram stories, we watched her Continue Reading

Reports of social media’s influence on voters are greatly exaggerated | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

You know the joke: one dark night, a policeman comes on a drunk rootling around under a street lamp. When asked what he’s doing, the guy says that he’s looking for his car keys. “Is this where you dropped them?” asks the cop. “No,” comes the reply. “Well, then why Continue Reading

No, Clearview AI’s creepy plan to spy on us is not ‘free speech’ | Jake Laperruque | Opinion- Tempemail

Law enforcement agencies around the world are enthusiastically adopting the services of Clearview AI, a tech company whose powerful software scrapes several billion open-source images for the purposes of facial recognition. As the company confronts mounting criticism over its disturbing surveillance practices, its CEO, Hoan Ton-That, is rolling out an Continue Reading

Why we should stop trying to be ‘interesting’ | André Spicer | Opinion- Tempemail

Being interesting is hard work. In Miss Americana, the recent Netflix documentary about Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter tells of the pressure she feels to constantly reinvent herself, lest her fans lose interest. “The female artists I know of have to remake themselves, like, 20 times more than the male artists,” Continue Reading

We gave teenagers smartphones. Did we rob them of an inner life? | Johanna Leggatt | Opinion- Tempemail

There are many reasons to fret about our relationship to technology, not least of which is the way smartphones, and their slot machine-like apps, have hooked us so thoroughly. Thanks to these miniature overlords many of us now boast the attention span (and manners) of a toddler, and, like prisoners Continue Reading

We weren’t prepared for the rush when we unlocked London’s loo codes | Merlin Jobst and Sophie Bowley-Aicken | Opinion- Tempemail

We started the @LDNLooCodes account thinking of it as the simplest kind of direct action: distributing codes on social media (and eventually in print for those without smartphones) to help people in the capital access locked toilets. Our first tweet explained that we would be sharing the codes for loos Continue Reading

Will we just accept our loss of privacy, or has the techlash already begun? | Alan Rusbridger | Opinion

Probably too late to ask, but was the past year the moment we lost our technological innocence? The Alexa in the corner of the kitchen monitoring your every word? The location-betraying device in your pocket? The dozen trackers on that web page you just opened? The thought that a 5G Continue Reading

Bonnie Greer and Laurence Fox’s chat over coffee is what used to pass for normal conduct | Kenan Malik | Opinion- Tempemail

When Bonnie met Lozza. Not a corny Hollywood romcom plot but the playwright and critic Bonnie Greer meeting up with the actor Laurence Fox (or “Lozza”, as he prefers to be known) for a coffee and a chat. Not a big deal, you might think. Yet, it’s become a big Continue Reading