GPT-3: an AI game-changer or an environmental disaster? | John Naughton | Opinion

Unless you’ve been holidaying on Mars, or perhaps in Spain (alongside the transport secretary), you may have noticed some fuss on social media about something called GPT-3. The GPT bit stands for the “generative pre-training” of a language model that acquires knowledge of the world by “reading” enormous quantities of Continue Reading

Who will choose the next US president – the American people, or Mark Zuckerberg? | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion- Tempemail

This week, in a hearing on Capitol Hill, you could gaze upon the men with the power to determine November’s presidential election and the future of American democracy – but the men in question were not politicians. Rather they were the four tech titans who appeared by Zoom before a Continue Reading

Congress forced Silicon Valley to answer for its misdeeds. It was a glorious sight | Matt Stoller | Opinion

“Our founders would not bow before a king, we should not bow before the emperors of the online economy.” That’s how Congressman David Cicilline started the remarkable hearing on Wednesday in the Antitrust Subcommittee, where four tech CEOs – Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sundar Pichai of Continue Reading

Is the #ChallengeAccepted trend simply a Miss Instagram pageant or something more? | Nadine von Cohen | Opinion- Tempemail

In 2020, as a global pandemic enters its eighth deadly month, Black Lives Matter protests continue across the world and the US presidential campaign nobody wants ramps up, cutting through the noise of social media with a campaign is near impossible. So it was with incredulity that this Tuesday past Continue Reading

I joined the Twitter boycott – but racism on social media is just the tip of the iceberg | Owen Jones | Opinion- Tempemail

Twitter is simultaneously many things: a means of elevating otherwise ignored voices, a platform for facilitating debate, a portal to access a bewildering array of information – and a cesspit of hatred. This weekend, the grime artist Wiley – with his half a million followers – unleashed a tirade of Continue Reading

The UK’s app failure sums up our fatally flawed coronavirus response | John Naughton | Opinion

I’ve just been looking at the coronavirus death toll in various countries as tallied on the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 tracker. At the time I checked, the UK had 45,407 deaths, Poland had 1,642, Ireland had 1,753, New Zealand had 1,555 and Greece had – wait for it – 197. Continue Reading

‘Everybody’s entitled to their opinion – but not their own facts’: The spread of climate denial on Facebook- Tempemail

The Independent employs reporters around the world to bring you truly independent journalism. To support us, please consider a contribution. An article linking climate change to Earth’s solar orbit went viral last year, racking up 4.2million views on social media and widely shared on Facebook. It was the most-engaged with climate Continue Reading

In valuing only how to argue, we are forgetting how to talk | Nesrine Malik | Opinion- Tempemail

When I was about 10 years old, the boys in my class suddenly decided en masse to try to get the girls to punch them in the gut to prove that they could take it. For the propositioned puncher, there was no way of winning: if you followed through and Continue Reading

Recovery from Covid-19 will be threatened if we don’t learn to control big tech | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

Last Wednesday, Twitter suffered the biggest hacking attack in its history. A scammer got into its system, probably by hacking the account of someone working in the company, and acquired some of the special privileges that internal staff possess in order to do their work. This enabled the intruder to Continue Reading

Is the free speech debate raging because intellectuals feel stripped of power? | John Ganz | Opinion- Tempemail

Over the past few weeks the literary and journalistic scene has exploded in discussion – or, if we are really being honest, diatribe – about free speech, open debate and the limits of discourse. This has been spurred on by the publication of an open letter in Harper’s magazine signed Continue Reading