The Guardian view of Trump’s populism: weaponised and silenced by social media | Editorial | Opinion

Donald Trump’s incitement of a mob attack on the US Capitol was a watershed moment for free speech and the internet. Bans against both the US president and his prominent supporters have spread across social media as well as email and e-commerce services. Parler, a social network popular with neo-Nazis, Continue Reading

Opinion divided over Trump being banned from social media | Donald Trump- Tempemail

As rioters were gathering around the US Capitol last Wednesday, a familiar question began to echo around the offices of the large social networks: what should they do about Donald Trump and his provocative posts? The answer has been emphatic: ban him. First he was suspended from Twitter, then from Continue Reading

The Capitol siege was the biggest media spectacle of the Trump era | Joan Donovan, Brian Friedberg and Emily Dreyfuss | Opinion- Tempemail

Donald Trump’s presidency is ending as it began: in media spectacle. The 6 January siege of the Capitol was the culmination of a presidency defined by media manipulation and networked conspiracism, a presidency that turned politics into media and media into politics. Trump leaves the news media scrambling to make Continue Reading

If you think Biden’s administration would rein in big tech, think again | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

Before the US presidential election I wondered aloud if Mark Zuckerberg had concluded that the re-election of Trump might be better for Facebook than a Biden victory. There were several reasons for thinking this. One was the strange way Zuckerberg appeared to be sucking up to Trump: at least one Continue Reading

When it comes to Amazon, breaking up is hard to do | John Naughton | Opinion

The European commission has opened an antitrust investigation of Amazon, on the grounds that the company has breached EU antitrust rules against distorting competition in online retail markets. Amazon, says the commission, has been using its privileged access to non-public data of independent sellers who sell on its marketplace to Continue Reading

Uber bought itself a law. Here’s why that’s dangerous for struggling drivers like me | Cherri Murphy | Opinion

Last week, Uber bought itself a law. Along with Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates, app companies spent more than $200m – the most spent on any ballot campaign in US history – to bankroll Proposition 22 in California. With its passage, the law will now exempt drivers like me from Continue Reading

Doctor’s office misunderstandings are frequent. Recording consultations could help | Ranjana Srivastava | Opinion

“Just checking if you advised the last patient to take six tablets once daily or twice daily?,” a nurse asks. “Definitely the first,” I gasp. Ingesting six potent chemotherapy tablets instead of 12 could spell the difference between life and death but patients can get confused, especially when printed instructions Continue Reading

The racist business model behind Uber and Lyft | Erica Smiley | Opinion

Uber and Lyft want you to know they aren’t racist. It’s why Uber put up billboards all over the west coast saying “If you tolerate racism, delete Uber.” It’s why Lyft is running ads featuring Maya Angelou’s “Lift up your eyes” poem over clips of Black passengers enjoying their service. Continue Reading

How have QAnon’s conspiracies gained traction in the UK? | Sue Greenwood | Opinion- Tempemail

When Barack Obama recently told a rally in Pennsylvania that, were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be elected, they – we – would no longer have to worry about “the crazy things” Donald Trump and his supporters say, he was addressing a thirsty crowd in need of reassurance that Continue Reading

A US antitrust suit might break up Google. Good – it’s the Standard Oil of our day | Sarah Miller | Opinion

Today, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust case against Google. This is the most significant antitrust case filed since the government suit against Microsoft in 1998, and it also ranks with the most important antitrust suits of all time, including Standard Oil and AT&T. The move by a conservative Continue Reading