Airbnb’s layoffs package is admirable – but is there ever a good way to say goodbye?- Tempemail

There’s a sentiment that goes through my head each morning as I go for a dawn run around the park near my house: “We judge ourselves by our best intentions and most noble deeds but we will be judged ourselves by our worst acts”. The pavements are a war zone Continue Reading

MTN Pledges $13.3 Million Relief Package to Tackle COVID-19 | Tempemail

Image sourced from Pinterest. MTN Group has announced the details of its $13.3 million relief package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating across 21 markets, the network provider says that it has recognised its responsibility to contribute both in its home market, South Africa, as well as in other Continue Reading

MTN Ghana Provides Care Package to Aid Country Amid School Closures | Tempemail

Sourced from Business Tech MTN Ghana has announced a new ‘Y’ello‘ care package where customers will be able to access a host of online learning channels to support education from home, as well as to entertain children unable to go to school due to the regulation in place to halt Continue Reading

The average household now pays more for cable package than utility bills combined

The big picture: Of particular interest was the realization of how relatively expensive a cable bill is compared to a household’s size. For example, utility bills are going to be much more expensive in a large home with 10 family members versus a single living in a one-bedroom apartment but Continue Reading

Waymo and UPS team up for self-driving package delivery

Forward-looking: UPS and Waymo have announced a partnership that allows UPS to dip its toes into autonomous deliveries. The company thinks that Waymo’s driverless tech can transform how it delivers packages. While UPS isn’t the only company looking to leverage self-driving cars, this partnership is yet another stepping stone to Continue Reading

A new and improved Glitterbomb returns to catch package thieves

Recap: Remember the Glitter Bomb, the booby-trapped fake package that got revenge on thieves who stole deliveries from people’s porches? A year after the video became a viral hit, the designer of that ingenious invention is back with a new and updated version that’s stinkier and comes with sound effects. Continue Reading

Released in 1995, the Diamond Edge 3D was Nvidia’s first graphics card. It sold as a complete entertainment package featuring 2D/3D, an integrated sound card, games, and …? Trivia

Developed collaboratively between Nvidia and Sega, the 1MB Diamond Edge 3D shipped in 1995 for $249.99 with two Sega Saturn controllers and an adapter board that plugged into the graphics card. The bundled games included Saturn titles such as Virtua Fighter Remix and Panzer Dragoon, which were ported to Windows Continue Reading