OnlyFans isn’t revolutionising sex work, and using it ruined things I once did for personal pleasure | Australian books- Tempemail

I joked to another sex worker recently that five years ago every journalist asked us, maddeningly and repeatedly, about sex robots. Now, the obsession is OnlyFans. As a full-service sex worker (“full service” is the industry term for penis-in-vagina penetrative sex), the prominence of OnlyFans in media discourse is frustrating, Continue Reading

Let’s make sure our personal data works for us – not against us – after the pandemic | Laura Spinney- Tempemail

How is it that we live in a world that is awash with our personal information, where most of us would be shocked if we knew exactly how much we give away about ourselves each day – and yet, when a crisis came along in which that information could have Continue Reading

23 Android Apps Expose Over 100,000,000 Users’ Personal Data – Tempemail

Misconfigurations in multiple Android apps leaked sensitive data of more than 100 million users, potentially making them a lucrative target for malicious actors. “By not following best-practices when configuring and integrating third-party cloud-services into applications, millions of users’ private data was exposed,” Check Point researchers said in an analysis published Continue Reading

Government agencies could access personal data without consent under new bill | Australian politics

Australians’ personal information could be accessed by government agencies and researchers without their consent under proposed data-sharing legislation that critics say could pave the way for more robodebt-style tactics. In a speech at an Australian Financial Review conference this week, the former government services minister Stuart Robert said it wasn’t Continue Reading

Apple AirDrop Bug Could Leak Your Personal Info to Anyone Nearby – Tempemail

New research has uncovered privacy weaknesses in Apple’s wireless file-sharing protocol that could result in the exposure of a user’s contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers. “As an attacker, it is possible to learn the phone numbers and email addresses of AirDrop users – even as a Continue Reading

533 Million Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers and Personal Data Leaked Online – Tempemail

In what’s likely to be a goldmine for bad actors, personal information associated with approximately 533 million Facebook users worldwide has been leaked on a popular cybercrime forum for free—which was harvested by hackers in 2019 using a Facebook vulnerability. The leaked data includes full names, Facebook IDs, mobile numbers, Continue Reading

Google Reveals What Personal Data Chrome and It’s Apps Collect On You – Tempemail

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo called out rival Google for “spying” on users after the search giant updated its flagship app to spell out the exact kinds of information it collects for personalization and marketing purposes. “After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome Continue Reading

Police Arrest 21 WeLeakInfo Customers Who Bought Breached Personal Data – Tempemail

21 people have been arrested across the UK as part of a nationwide cyber crackdown targeting customers of WeLeakInfo[.]com, a now-defunct online service that had been previously selling access to data hacked from other websites. The suspects used stolen personal credentials to commit further cyber and fraud offences, the UK Continue Reading

Dox, steal, reveal. Where does your personal data end up?- Tempemail

The technological shift that we have been experiencing for the last few decades is astounding, not least because of its social implications. Every year the online and offline spheres have become more and more connected and are now completely intertwined, leading to online actions having real consequences in the physical Continue Reading