Over 9 Million Android Phones Running Malware Apps from Huawei’s AppGallery – Tempemail

At least 9.3 million Android devices have been infected by a new class of malware that disguises itself as dozens of arcade, shooter, and strategy games on Huawei’s AppGallery marketplace to steal device information and victims’ mobile phone numbers. The mobile campaign was disclosed by researchers from Doctor Web, who Continue Reading

Forcing rape victims to hand over their phones to police only makes things worse- Tempemail

The government has finally conceded one of Labour’s calls to protect victims. As the chancellor recently completed a tour of the country selling a Budget that raises taxes on working people and fails to tackle the epidemic of violence against women, members of the House of Lords were discussing new Continue Reading

Text anxiety: why too many messages make us want to throw our phones at the wall | Life and style- Tempemail

When Senait Lara, a 28-year-old video producer in Los Angeles, was confronted by her friends about her lack of communication in their group chat, the accusations were as follows: she only caught up every few days; when she did, it was barely an interaction – Lara spent time “hearting” messages Continue Reading

I banned mobile phones in my school 7 years ago – Gavin Williamson is right to do this nationally- Tempemail

Gavin Williamson’s announcement calling for a ban on phones in the classroom has pitted him against many headteachers. Many claim that this policy is a red herring, and that the government should be focussing on catching up on the lost learning from lockdown instead.  As an ex-headteacher myself, I completely Continue Reading

Dear Gavin Williamson, teenagers use mobile phones. Get with the times | Schools- Tempemail

I heard you on the radio the other day, explaining why you thought the proposed European Super League was a bad idea. I must say I was surprised, as I thought your hands were full with the matter of this summer’s GCSE and A-level assessments. How’s that going? If my Continue Reading

Pre-Installed Malware Dropper Found On German Gigaset Android Phones – Tempemail

In what appears to be a fresh twist in Android malware, users of Gigaset mobile devices are encountering unwanted apps that are being downloaded and installed through a pre-installed system update app. “The culprit installing these malware apps is the Update app, package name com.redstone.ota.ui, which is a pre-installed system Continue Reading

Global silicon chip shortage hits supply of phones, TVs, cars and Australia’s NBN | Technology

A global shortage of one crucial piece of technology is causing delays in everything from cars and televisions to video game consoles and Australia’s Tempemail Broadband Network rollout. A temporary shutdown in the production of silicon computer chips at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as severe storms Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: the new king of Android phones | Technology

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s new superphone for 2021 – and comes out firmly as the best of its type, with a price to match. Equipped with a new more powerful camera system – with not one but two optical zoom lenses on the back for a huge 10x Continue Reading

More than one third of people rely on mobile phones for ‘social life,’ study says- Tempemail

The only thing not on lockdown this year has been the mobile phone with usage soaring and 36 per cent relying on it completely for a ‘social life’. A study of 2,000 smartphone users found almost half have used their phone more than usual during 2020, sending more messages, making Continue Reading

iPhone 12 mini review: the king of small phones | Technology

Apple’s latest smartphone range has a surprise entry in the form of the iPhone 12 mini, which is a genuinely smaller phone with very few compromises. The phone costs from £699 and is the cheapest of Apple’s new smartphone line sitting below the £799 iPhone 12, the £999 12 Pro Continue Reading