Hiding in plain sight: PhantomLance walks into a market- Tempemail

In July 2019, Dr. Web reported about a backdoor trojan in Google Play, which appeared to be sophisticated and unlike common malware often uploaded for stealing victims’ money or displaying ads. So, we conducted an inquiry of our own, discovering a long-term campaign, which we dubbed “PhantomLance”, its earliest registered Continue Reading

The real bullies who spread hatred and division aren’t on Twitter – they’re in plain sight | Nyadol Nyuon | Society- Tempemail

There is no doubt that Twitter can be a hostile, even vicious, place. There is also little doubt that the viciousness on Twitter contributes to the “coarsening of political dialogue” and that in turn suffocates “civilised debate”. As stated by Amnesty International, the abuse experienced on Twitter, especially by women, Continue Reading