Google announces plan to tackle privacy issues in online advertising | Google

Google has announced a plan to tackle privacy issues in online advertising, as the company attempts to chart a middle ground between Apple’s privacy-first approach and the needs of advertisers – including itself. Google will use AI to bundle an individual user with similar visitors in an attempt to convince Continue Reading

US attacks Australia’s ‘extraordinary’ plan to make Google and Facebook pay for news | Media

The United States has urged the Australian government to ditch draft media laws that would force tech giants Google and Facebook to pay news organisations for sharing their content. The US, in a submission to an Australian parliamentary inquiry, has said that the proposed legislation is unreasonable, impractical, “fundamentally imbalanced” Continue Reading

Build Your 2021 Cybersecurity Plan With This Free PPT Template – Tempemail

The end of the year is coming, and it’s time for security decision-makers to make plans for 2021 and get management approval. Typically, this entails making a solid case regarding why current resources, while yielding significant value, need to be reallocated and enhanced. The Definitive 2021 Security Plan PPT Template Continue Reading

Facebook announces plan to stop political ads after 3 November | Technology

Facebook has announced significant changes to its advertising and misinformation policies, saying it will stop running political ads in the United States after polls close on 3 November for an undetermined period of time. The changes, announced on Wednesday, come in an effort to “protect the integrity” of the upcoming Continue Reading

Game plan: the complete beginners’ guide to gaming – from buying a console to exploring new worlds | Games

With much of the world stuck indoors in 2020, video games have been experiencing a boom – in fact we are spending more time, and more money, on gaming than ever before. And if you’re imagining that it’s lifelong gamers who are leading the surge, you’re wrong. All kinds of Continue Reading

Clashes over Tory plan to seed the UK’s next Apple with state aid | Technology

Boris Johnson wants the freedom to pump hundreds of millions of pounds into tech startups with a view to promoting businesses that can emulate Apple, Facebook or Alibaba – China’s answer to eBay. The prime minister has accused the EU of using the withdrawal agreement signed last year to block Continue Reading

Truss leads China hawks trying to derail TikTok’s London HQ plan | Technology

A last-ditch attempt to prevent the UK government from endorsing TikTok’s plans to locate its headquarters in London is being mounted by China hawks who accuse the app’s parent company of cooperating with authorities in Xinjiang province. Downing Street is keen to encourage TikTok to move from Beijing to London, Continue Reading

Facebook, Google, Reddit and Twitter make plan for US election going wrong- Tempemail

Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech firms have formed a coalition to help protect the integrity of the upcoming US elections. The group, which also includes LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit, revealed on Wednesday that it has been meeting with government partners in an effort to prevent a repeat of the Continue Reading

Peter Dutton confirms Australia could spy on its own citizens under cybersecurity plan | Australian security and counter-terrorism

Peter Dutton has confirmed the government’s $1.6bn cyberstrategy will include capability for the Australian Signals Directorate to help law enforcement agencies identify and disrupt serious criminal activity – including in Australia. By rendering support to the Australian federal police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the cybersecurity and intelligence agency Continue Reading

Snapchat firm unveils platform plan to take on Google and Apple | Snapchat

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has revealed plans for a fully fledged digital platform taking on not only Facebook but also Google and Apple. The company is launching an app store, expanding its games platform and offering the facility for external developers to upload machine-learning models to build augmented reality Continue Reading