Coronavirus drives surge in support for unionisation, say games industry activists | Games

Worker strikes, let alone successful ones, are vanishingly rare in the video games industry. But in August, writers at Lovestruck, a mobile app that publishes visual romance novels, went on a 21-day strike, accusing the company of unfair pay, and won a rates increase after owner Voltage initially dismissed their Continue Reading

The meme-fication of US politics: two films reveal the faces behind the posts | Internet- Tempemail

On 13 October 2015, Donald Trump, who had recently announced his run for president, tweeted an image of himself standing at the presidential lectern, his face transmogrified into a green, smug-looking frog, known to certain corners of the internet as Pepe. With hindsight, this strange moment offers a stake in Continue Reading

Take-up of NHS contact-tracing app could be only 10% | World news

Take-up of the NHS Covid contact-tracing app being launched in England and Wales on Thursday – and once touted as key to controlling the pandemic – could be as low as 10% in some places, government sources believe. International examples show take-up rates of similar apps at between 10% and Continue Reading

‘Video games are a great place for politics’: meet India’s modern magical realists | Games

In Gujarat, a tiny independent studio is drawing on India’s rich literary history to create surreal games that flow like visual poems, evoking decades of colonial literature and folk theatre to draw attention to the politics of today. Through fantastical environments where buildings and oversized monuments are made of rubber Continue Reading

The QAnon conspiracy | World news- Tempemail

QAnon is a wide-ranging and baseless internet conspiracy theory that has been on the fringes of rightwing internet communities for years, but its visibility has exploded in recent months amid the social unrest and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. QAnon has its roots in previously established conspiracy theories, some relatively Continue Reading

Engagement with anti-vaccine Facebook posts trebles in one month | Media- Tempemail

Engagement with anti-vaccine posts on a sample of UK Facebook pages trebled between July and August, analysis by the Guardian has found, triggering calls for a major new push to tackle conspiracy theories. Interactions on posts expressing scepticism or hostility towards vaccines on six UK Facebook pages increased from 12,000 Continue Reading

QAnon conspiracy theory gaining ground in UK, analysis shows | US news- Tempemail

A conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against an elite who engage in ritual child abuse is growing across UK social media, Guardian analysis has found. The QAnon conspiracy theory is propelled by an unlikely coalition of spirituality and wellness groups, vigilante “paedophile hunter” networks, pre-existing Continue Reading

Amazon UK pays 3% more in tax despite 35% rise in profits | Technology

Amazon’s key UK business paid just 3% more tax last year when profits rose by more than a third as the online retailer benefited from the switch to home shopping. The group’s warehouse and logistics operation, which employs more than two-thirds of its 30,000-plus UK workforce, Amazon UK Services, said Continue Reading

Social media not removing people smugglers’ pages, MPs told | Law- Tempemail

Facebook, YouTube and other social media organisations have refused to shut down many pages understood to be used by networks for people smuggling, despite requests from Home Office staff and police trying to crack down on human trafficking rings, MPs heard today. At the start of an investigation into the Continue Reading

Are Love Island stars really the best people to advise us on test and trace? | UK news- Tempemail

Name: Chris Hughes. Age: 27. Appearance: Trustworthy, sensible, reliable – this is the man advising you on the government’s test-and-trace scheme after all. Oh, I thought you meant a different Chris Hughes – the terrible rapper from Love Island 2017 who shaved his best mate’s initials into his pubic hair. Continue Reading