How Dionne Warwick became the queen of Twitter (with a little help from Chance the Rapper) | Pop and rock- Tempemail

Name: Dionne Warwick. Age: 80 next week. Status: Queen of Twitter. Don’t you mean one of the greatest pop singers of all time? That was then. This is 2020 and what we care about these days is your social media presence. Have you seen her latest tweets? What about Walk Continue Reading

Map of the soul: how BTS rewrote the western pop rulebook | Music- Tempemail

BTS’s leader RM looks up from under a black baseball cap, then stares back down at his hands. “Doing the promotional interviews, [I kept saying], ‘Music truly transcends every barrier.’ But even while I was saying it I questioned myself if I indeed believe it.” It’s late September, and the Continue Reading

Michelle Wolf to Melania’s roses: the arts and pop culture that sum up the Trump era | Culture

Architecture Travesty in the Rose Garden Since he’s a former real-estate tycoon, it seems fitting that Donald Trump’s tenure should express itself in some sort of building. So which edifice best defines his era? Well, there is the “big, beautiful wall” planned for the border with Mexico. “Nobody builds walls Continue Reading

Hardcore pop fans are abusing critics – and putting acclaim before art | Music- Tempemail

The album rating system at US publication Pitchfork is one of the most silly and nerdy things in music journalism. The Guardian’s five-star system looks neanderthal compared with Pitchfork’s decimal-point ratings, where an album can get 3.2 (oof), 6.5 (meh), 9.2 (wow) and so on. 0.0 has been used as Continue Reading

Vox pop: What’s the best brand alignment with a sporting event?- Tempemail

Sports events are the ultimate prize for advertisers. Huge audiences at the very height of engagement and primed to pay attention to every single detail. As a result, brands typically pay huge sums to be associated with sporting events – but what’s been this best single example of that over Continue Reading

Vox pop: What one initiative to promote mental wellbeing has been most successful at your own organisation?- Tempemail

The mental wellbeing of the advertising industry has long been disputed by those working within it. Tempemail Network caught up with various insiders to discuss the initiatives for ensuring employee mental health is supported in the workplace, sharing the solutions that they have established or come across in business. Norm Continue Reading

Vox pop: What mental wellbeing initiative has been successful at your own organisation?- Tempemail

In this voxpop, included in our latest Mental Wellbeing supplement, we asked Drum Network members to share the mental health initiatives in place at their own places of work. We’ll be adding to these responses over the course of the week, so please keep checking back in for further insight. Continue Reading

Tune-free pop and the new Katie Hopkins: our 2020 celebrity predictions | Life and style- Tempemail

There are two ways to spend New Year’s Eve, as best as I can tell: you either dirty the floor of a house party and spend the smallest of the small hours running desperately out of drinkable alcohol until you realise it’s 7am and the sun is up and you Continue Reading

Pop goes the bubble: what are the biggest election issues on Facebook? | Politics

Social media is often criticised for allowing people to see only their side of the argument, and nowhere are these filter bubbles more pronounced than in Facebook groups. Here like-minded people discuss issues close to their hearts and vent openly about those on the other side of the political spectrum. Continue Reading