Stop with the #selfcare posts – taking a day off isn’t an option for most people- Tempemail

It’s OK if you haven’t done anything today. Cut yourself some slack – we’re living in a global pandemic #selfcare” That seems to be the gist of a good chunk of social media posts, floating around since March. And the authors of those nuggets have really been hitting their stride Continue Reading

Craig Kelly’s Facebook posts are mysteriously disappearing – and no one can explain it | Australian politics

Posts by the controversial Liberal MP for Hughes, Craig Kelly have been disappearing from his Facebook timeline almost as fast as the prolific Facebook correspondent has been posting. Kelly denies vehemently that he has been deleting them, but monitoring by some of his constituents who are members of groups such Continue Reading

Texts, tweets and posts have replaced letters. Is our history becoming transitory? | Culture- Tempemail

In the process of removing the final vestiges of my things from my parents’ house this year I find a letter from my nana – Big Nana (because she was tall), not Little Nana (who wasn’t) – written in her familiar curly script. “Last Sunday I went to D’s 80th Continue Reading

Australian MP targeted by conspiracy posts calls for Facebook to be treated as publisher | Technology- Tempemail

The Nationals MP Anne Webster is lobbying senior ministers to bring forward legislation that would force Facebook and other platforms to assume editorial responsibility for the content they publish, in an effort to combat proliferating misinformation. Webster launched defamation proceedings against Australian conspiracy theorist Karen Brewer over a series of Continue Reading

US police chief resigns over ‘death to all Democrats’ posts- Tempemail

A police chief in Arkansas has resigned after posting messages on a right-wing social media app calling for “death to all” Democrats. Lang Holland’s posts on Parler went viral and received widespread condemnation on other social media platforms such as Twitter.  The mayor of Marshall, the small city where Mr Continue Reading

TikTok: false posts about US election reach hundreds of thousands | Technology- Tempemail

TikTok has emerged as an unexpected source of misinformation about the US election, with numerous inaccurate or misleading posts circulating as tech companies battle to contain falsehoods from Donald Trump and others. “TikTok has in the past been a breeding ground for false reports that spread peer to peer,” said Continue Reading

Facebook leak reveals policies on restricting New York Post’s Biden story | Technology

Facebook moderators had to manually intervene to suppress a controversial New York Post story about Hunter Biden, according to leaked moderation guidelines seen by the Guardian. The document, which lays out in detail Facebook’s policies for dealing with misinformation on Facebook and Instagram, sheds new light on the process that Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s birthday posts were beyond insensitive – but what did we expect?- Tempemail

Ah coronavirus, the great equaliser. At least that’s what Madonna called it, as she sat in a marble bathtub filled with rose petals and surrounded by tealights in the 18th-century Lisbon palace she calls home. Kim Kardashian has shown just how much of an equaliser Covid-19 is this week, by Continue Reading

The meme-fication of US politics: two films reveal the faces behind the posts | Internet- Tempemail

On 13 October 2015, Donald Trump, who had recently announced his run for president, tweeted an image of himself standing at the presidential lectern, his face transmogrified into a green, smug-looking frog, known to certain corners of the internet as Pepe. With hindsight, this strange moment offers a stake in Continue Reading