Data centre chip startup Ampere to release more powerful processor – Hardware- Tempemail

Ampere, the data centre chip startup led by former Intel executives and backed by Oracle, on Tuesday announced a more powerful processor in its efforts to court cloud computing customers. The Santa Clara, California-based company said its new chip, the Altra Max, will have 128 computing cores, up from the Continue Reading

‘Crosstalk’ info leak flaw bridges Intel processor cores – Security – Hardware- Tempemail

Security researchers have expanded on existing unfixed Intel processor design flaws and discovered a novel way to leak sensitive information across cores. Researchers at security vendor VUsec inspected the behaviour of complex x86 instructions and found an undocumented staging buffer or memory area in Intel processors that is shared between Continue Reading

Intel Lakefield processor spotted in the wild outperforming Snapdragon 835

In a nutshell: Intel’s first-generation Lakefield processors are not due out until Q4 2020, but some have been getting their hands on early silicon providing us with a glimpse of what kind of performance to expect. The latest leak shows an SoC designated “Core i5-L15G7” that Geekbench rated better than Continue Reading

Intel shows how a 10nm processor goes “from sand to silicon”

Why it matters: Following its February video chronicling the journey a chip takes from concept to customer, Intel has posted another video offering a glimpse into its manufacturing process. The video was posted earlier this month and is well worth the watch, especially given Intel’s abundance of troubles at 10nm. Continue Reading

Xbox Series X console features 12 teraflops graphics processor | Games

Microsoft has confirmed that its next games console, the Xbox Series X, will feature a 12 teraflops graphics processor, eight times more powerful than the Xbox One graphics chipset. The announcement, made by the Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, via Microsoft’s Wire news site, confirmed recent rumours about the machine, which Continue Reading

Intel unveils new data center processor, 5G chip – Cloud – Hardware – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Intel Corp on Monday launched new microprocessors, including a second generation Xeon processor for data centers and a 10nm chip for wireless 5G base stations. Demand from cloud computing companies have boosted sales of server chips, leading to strong results from Intel and its rival AMD Corp. Intel’s Xeon chips Continue Reading