Reddit’s Public Bug Bounty Program Kicks Off: Q&A with Reddit’s Allison Miller and Spencer Koch, and top program hacker @renekroka- Tempemail

After three years running a successful private bug bounty program on Tempemail, Reddit has announced that it’s taking their bug bounty program public. We sat down with Reddit’s CISO and VP of Trust Allison Miller, resident Security Wizard Spencer Koch, and Reddit’s top hacker Rene Kroka to learn more. Read on Continue Reading

Apple to let repairers in Australia and New Zealand sign up to spare parts program | Apple

Apple will allow independent repairers in Australia and New Zealand to sign up to a new program this week which will provide access to its tools and spare parts, as the company faces heat on the right to repair. The countries are two of 38 included in the expansion of Continue Reading

Pentalog launches The Decision: a weekly video program!- Tempemail

“I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” Socrates is quoted as saying. The problem is that to run a company or manage a business unit, this idea doesn’t really move anything forward. In the middle of April, during the heart of the Covid-19 crisis, Frédéric Lasnier, Continue Reading

T-Systems Invites Submissions for Enterprise Supplier Development Program | Tempemail

T-Systems South Africa invites qualifying small businesses to submit their bids to join the T-Systems Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Program. The closing date for submissions is 12 noon on the 31st of August 2020.  The T-Systems ESD Program is aimed at developing Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) and Qualifying Small Continue Reading

Costa Coffee prepares for global expansion with bug bounty program- Tempemail

When thinking about bug bounty customers, most people’s minds will most likely go to huge tech brands long before they go to their local coffee chain. Customer loyalty is serious business though with Costa Coffee being the latest food and beverage company to ask the hacker community to help secure its Continue Reading

Learn Machine Learning and AI – Online Training Program @ 93% OFF – Tempemail

Within the next decade, artificial intelligence is likely to play a significant role in our everyday lives. Machine learning already powers image recognition, self-driving cars, and Netflix recommendations. For any aspiring developer, learning how to code smart software is a good move. These skills are highly valued in tech, finance, Continue Reading

PentaStagiu Online: Creating a Successful Remote Internship Program- Tempemail

In light of recent changes in the world’s dynamics, everyone has had to adapt to the new way of doing things, while practicing safe distancing. But just because some changes appear, it doesn’t mean everything has to stop completely. Being fully committed to the motto #Never stop learning, Pentalog is Continue Reading

Apple expands independent repair shop program to Europe, Canada – Hardware- Tempemail

Apple is expanding a program to supply repair parts, tools and manuals for iPhones to independent repair shops in 32 countries in Europe as well as Canada. Apple began the program last year in the United States after years of lobbying against state-level “right to repair” bills that would have Continue Reading

PentaStagiu Online: Sign Up for the Ultimate IT Internship Program- Tempemail

Get the knowledge you need for the IT career that you want! For students, it’s crucial to take advantage of the best opportunities today to help jump-start a successful future career. Now, Pentalog offers you the chance you’ve been waiting for! Participating in an internship is a necessary step for Continue Reading

5 Trends to Consider When Developing a Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program | Tempemail

Among the wide range of reasons that cause cybersecurity incidents, inappropriate use of IT resources by employees remains a challenge for businesses. In 2019, half (52% enterprise, 50% SMBs) of companies faced a data breach because of this, as revealed in a Kaspersky survey of IT decision-makers. Quite surprisingly, companies Continue Reading