‘Don’t blame public for overloaded hospitals,’ ICU medics tell NHS staff | Coronavirus- Tempemail

Leading intensive care doctors have told NHS staff not to blame people breaching lockdown rules for hospitals coming close to breaking point and for the death toll from Covid nearing 100,000. Dr Alison Pittard and Dr Daniele Bryden chided health workers for posting messages saying things like those flouting Covid Continue Reading

Public Domain review – social-media musical swipes at Facebook | Theatre

A computer cursor clicks on the instruction “Add as friend”, and our screens open up to a theatre set where two millennials sing: “We came here to find friends, and just like that we felt a little less alone.” Facebook’s digital motifs – thumbs up symbols and love hearts – Continue Reading

‘I can’t comprehend it’: woman who miscarried on Australian roadside says public backlash is hurtful | Australia news- Tempemail

The public’s response this week to Nicole Clark’s harrowing story may be the most shocking part. On New Year’s Day, Clark, 31, had a miscarriage in a gully on the side of the road in Berri, in rural South Australia, after a combination of bad luck, incomplete advice from some Continue Reading

Online abuse is destroying lives – now is the time to take real action and protect the public- Tempemail

Next year the government has a golden opportunity to reduce the prevalence of – and harm caused by – online abuse.   The long-awaited Online Harms Bill is to be presented to parliament for debate in the New Year. This bill could have one of two legacies. It could mark Continue Reading

We need a new Walt Whitman to imagine a virtual public space | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

A remarkable essay in Wired has just caught my eye. “To mend a broken internet,” reads the headline, “create online parks.” The author is Eli Pariser, whose 2011 book, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You, provided an extraordinarily prescient warning of the way our networked world Continue Reading

Releasing Covidsafe app usage numbers could risk public safety, government claims | Australia news

The federal government has refused to release information on the number of Australians still using the Covidsafe contact tracing app, on the grounds it could risk public safety and harm commonwealth-state relations. Covidsafe relies on large numbers of the population running the app on their phones when out in the Continue Reading

Palantir filed to go public. The firm’s unethical technology should horrify us | Technology

In 2017, the Trump administration first set its sights on a target it would return to repeatedly in the coming years: immigrant children. Thousands of kids were crossing the border alone, often seeking to reunify with families living in the United States. The journey is harrowing for children, but the Continue Reading

Public servants and the right to free speech | Australia news- Tempemail

Three months after writing about how Covid helped big tech, federal public servant Josh Krook was given a choice: remove the blog post or be sacked. Now, he’s speaking out about what he says is censorship. Reporter Christopher Knaus explores the case of Josh Krook and other public servants speaking Continue Reading

Sarah Harding’s decision to go public about her breast cancer says a lot about today’s toxic celebrity culture | The Independent- Tempemail

When Sarah Harding was forced to announce yesterday that she was diagnosed with breast cancer “earlier this year”, and that the disease has now “advanced to other parts of [her] body”, two things happened. The first was the thousands of well wishes that the former Girls Aloud member received from Continue Reading