Catherine D’Ignazio: ‘Data is never a raw, truthful input – and it is never neutral’ | Technology

Our ability to collect and record information in a digital form has exploded as has our adoption of AI systems, which use data to make decisions. But data isn’t neutral, and sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination are showing up in our data products. Catherine D’Ignazio, an assistant professor Continue Reading

Jofra Archer condemns social media racism and shares message he received | Sport- Tempemail

England bowler Jofra Archer has condemned racial abuse on social media after posting racist messages he has received. The 24-year-old, who helped England win the 2019 World Cup, took screenshots of messages from an individual and posted them on his Instagram story on Monday evening. He commented below the messages Continue Reading

‘Sharia fintech’: Startups race to tap Indonesia growth by aligning with Islam – Finance – Hardware- Tempemail

Like millions of other Indonesians, Gandi Iswara had for years carried a wad of currency notes for dropping into donation boxes after prayers at mosques in suburban Jakarta. From late last year, though, the 35-year-old engineer switched to a more convenient option: whipping out his mobile phone, firing up a Continue Reading

Sensationalist media is exacerbating racist coronavirus fears. We need to combat it | Jing Zeng | Opinion- Tempemail

Epidemics bring out the best and worst of social media. In the past two months, I have seen pseudo-scientific “cures” for the Covid-19 proliferating on WeChat, conspiracy theorists on Gab propagating various “truths” about the source of the outbreak, and young Tik Tokers video-sharing “funny” memes about the virus. On Continue Reading

The real bullies who spread hatred and division aren’t on Twitter – they’re in plain sight | Nyadol Nyuon | Society- Tempemail

There is no doubt that Twitter can be a hostile, even vicious, place. There is also little doubt that the viciousness on Twitter contributes to the “coarsening of political dialogue” and that in turn suffocates “civilised debate”. As stated by Amnesty International, the abuse experienced on Twitter, especially by women, Continue Reading

The top barriers financial institutions face in their race to digital transformation- Tempemail

Read Article By Shiv Kumar Bhasin, Chief Technology and Operations Officer (CTO/COO), NSE Why are digital business transformations failing to deliver value? Low double digit percentage of IT leaders have seen sustained performance improvements from transformation efforts, and successful at sustaining change. So, what’s driving this? Financial institutions staffs are Continue Reading

The BBC normalised racism last night, pure and simple | Owen Jones | Opinion- Tempemail

This is how racism and rightwing extremism is normalised. Thursday night’s Question Time featured a lengthy racist rant by an audience member: “Close the borders, completely close the borders,” she frothed with hateful rage, adding in lies about foreigners being showered with never-ending freebies while destroying the education system and Continue Reading

Not so white, male and straight: the video games industry is changing | Games

The old stereotype of video game players as spotty, socially isolated boys in basements is finally disappearing after decades, but the popular image of game developers is enduring. They are imagined to be white and beardy, with glasses and a probable fondness for sci-fi and fantasy, and this is hardly Continue Reading

‘The Democrats have fallen’: Iowa debacle shows party has fallen behind in the tech race | US news- Tempemail

Donald Trump was gloating again. “Now I understand the votes are fried in Iowa,” he told reporters at the White House on Friday. “Think of it, all the money that Democrats spent and the votes are fried. They have no idea who won.” The president’s schadenfreude flowed from the debacle Continue Reading

From the Iowa caucuses to the Barnes and Noble fiasco, it’s clear: tech cannot save us | Technology

Every four years, journalists from around the world are drawn to the Iowa caucuses like podcasters to a murder. The blatantly anti-democratic tradition appeals to certain journalistic biases: the steadfast belief of the political press that rural Americans are more authentically American than the vast majority of Americans who live Continue Reading