Wall Street versus the Redditors: the GameStop goldrush – podcast | News

At the beginning of the year, not many people were paying attention to GameStop. Its business of selling video games in retail stores looked increasingly shaky as the market shifted ever more online in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. GameStop’s seemingly grim prospects led Wall Street hedge funds to Continue Reading

GameStop: Reddit users claim victory as $13bn hedge fund closes position, accepting huge losses- Tempemail

Melvin Capital had bet against GameStop by short-selling its shares, meaning it stood to gain if the price went down and lose if it went up. Members of the Reddit thread “wallstreetbets” decided to pile in to GameStop with the aim of pushing up the share price to inflict losses Continue Reading

Reddit Aquires Video Platform Dubsmash – Tempemail

Image sourced from Reddit Reddit is officially set to acquire TikTok rival – Dubsmash. The social news giant says that this deal will bring to key strengths to its platform. First, Dubsmash’s mission is unique among social platforms and is aligned with Reddit’s own mission of bringing community and belonging Continue Reading

AITA? How a Reddit forum posed the defining question of our age | Reddit- Tempemail

First of all, you need to picture the sandwich. This was a 6ft-long party sub from a local deli, with loaves of bread braided together to make one super-sandwich – nearly twice the standard width, and loaded with fillings. It would have comfortably fed 20 to 25 people, and there Continue Reading

Meghan Markle says ‘the bad can be so loud’ while interviewing Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian- Tempemail

During the conversation, Ohanian, the husband of Serena Williams, discussed his dedication to creating a world that is “just fair to my daughter,” Olympia, three. “I just can’t help but want to create a world that is just fair to my daughter,” Ohanian said. “And I know that that’s lofty, Continue Reading

US-inspired rightwing extremism an ‘insidious’ threat to Australia, study finds | Australia news- Tempemail

Rightwing extremism poses a “creeping threat” to liberal democracy in Australia, according to a new study that investigates how extremists are using online networks to spread radical narratives. The study – which focuses mainly on New South Wales because it was funded by the state government – identified networks involving Continue Reading

Facebook, Google, Reddit and Twitter make plan for US election going wrong- Tempemail

Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech firms have formed a coalition to help protect the integrity of the upcoming US elections. The group, which also includes LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit, revealed on Wednesday that it has been meeting with government partners in an effort to prevent a repeat of the Continue Reading

Feminism has not ‘gone too far’. Online abuse against women is as harmful as ever- Tempemail

The Independent employs reporters around the world to bring you truly independent journalism. To support us, please consider a contribution. According to a recent report, half of Gen Z young men believe that “feminism has gone too far”. Misogynistic attitudes seem to be coming back into fashion, but for those of Continue Reading

AI system detects posts by foreign ‘trolls’ on Facebook and Twitter | Media- Tempemail

Foreign manipulation campaigns on social media can be spotted by looking at clues in the timing and length of posts and the URLs they contain, researchers have found. From the 2016 US presidential election to Brexit, a growing number of political events are thought to have been targeted by foreign Continue Reading

‘They don’t think it’s important’: Ellen Pao on why Facebook can’t beat hate | Media- Tempemail

The United States’s reckoning with racism set off by the police killing of George Floyd has been expressed by social media companies in Silicon Valley with a certain stiffening of the spine. Twitter hid one of Donald Trump’s tweets behind a label; YouTube banned some white nationalists; Twitch suspended Trump’s Continue Reading