Sprite turns to young creators to ‘drop’ Sprite Ginger and reinvent a classic taste- Tempemail

Sprite has a long history in the hip-hop space, starting with a 1986 commercial that featured Kurtis Blowto, to the iconic ‘I Love the Sprite in You’ ad, starring popular artists like LL Cool J and Kris Kross. The brand has now returned to hip-hop culture as it releases a Continue Reading

Peter Diamandis: ‘In the next 10 years, we’ll reinvent every industry’ | Technology

Peter Diamandis is best known as the founder of the XPrize Foundation, which offers big cash prizes as an incentive for tech solutions to big problems. The entrepreneur and investor is also co-founder of the Singularity University, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit offering education in futurology. His new book, The Future Continue Reading