iPhone 12 reportedly still on track for fall launch despite component delays caused by coronavirus

In brief: It looks like China has the coronavirus outbreak under control in the region, but Apple’s supply chain is still moving slower than planned to build the new iPhone 12. According to industry insiders, the company still has at least one month before it can begin assembly of the Continue Reading

Amazon reportedly asks customers to cooperate with DOJ price gouging probe

In context: Whenever there’s a shortage of a high-demand product — whether it’s a video game collector’s edition or a critical household supply — opportunists will always look for a way to capitalize on the situation. In the case of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, some individuals have bought up Continue Reading

TikTok reportedly told moderators to ‘suppress’ content from ‘ugly, poor, obese and disabled users’- Tempemail

Video-sharing app TikTok reportedly instructed its moderators to “suppress posts created by users deemed too ugly, poor or disabled for the platform,” according to leaked documents viewed by The Intercept. In the documents, it details how moderators were instructed to choose which videos show up on the app’s “For You” Continue Reading

Google’s Android license reportedly prevents TV makers from partnering with Amazon

A hot potato: In a move that seems far-reaching even for Google, it has been alleged that the company can revoke its Android license across all of a manufacturer’s devices if just one of then runs a forked version of Android. It has reportedly used this leverage to keep its Continue Reading

E3 Event Reportedly Cancelled with Official Announcement Soon | Tempemail

Image sourced from Cnet The world’s largest gaming convention, the Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 – will be cancelled this year, according to Ars Technica who were informed by multiple sources. The massive gaming event where the grandest developers and publishers in the world release trailers and information about their Continue Reading

iPadOS 14 will reportedly include full mouse cursor support

Something to look forward to: Apple has always positioned the iPad as an alternative to traditional PCs (or, at least, laptops), but without proper built-in mouse support, that comparison has fallen flat — sometimes, you need more precision than a touch screen alone can offer. It seems Apple understands that Continue Reading

Apple reportedly has a new keyboard designed for iPads featuring a trackpad

Rumor mill: Apple’s iPad has had keyboard support for years, but editing was a hassle as highlighting text and other functions still required touching the screen. Now there are rumors that Cupertino is readying a new iPad keyboard that has a built-in trackpad. Could Apple finally be transitioning the next Continue Reading

Someone reportedly uploaded a playable build of StarCraft: Ghost online

In context: There have been a countless number of games that have been labeled “vaporware.” Vaporware is any software that has been announced but never released. The first software to receive this moniker was Microsoft’s ill-fated Xenix Unix OS. A working copy (sort of) of famed vaporware StarCraft: Ghost has Continue Reading

Apple reportedly working on its own 5G antenna for 2020 iPhones

The big picture: 5G connectivity seems to be ready for prime time as the tech is widely expected to officially debut this fall on Apple’s trendsetting iPhones. While the 2020 models will be using the industry-standard Snapdragon X55 chip to boast faster network speeds (along with a higher price tag), Continue Reading