Fantasian review – random battles and quirky banter in beautiful iPhone game | Games

It’s a truism that you can’t take more than a few steps in a Japanese role-playing game without triggering a random battle. Each encounter transports you to a separate screen where your party of heroes faces off against critter-like enemies, who rarely put up much of a fight. Historically, game Continue Reading

Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Alexa’s new small budget ball | Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot has evolved from its predecessors’ puck-like appearance into a small ball, shaking up the idea of what a small smart speaker can look like. The new Echo Dot is priced the same as the last one, costing from £50, although it will be frequently available at Continue Reading

Auggie review – watchable hi-tech satire doesn’t quite know what to say | Film

The face of American character actor Richard Kind – melancholy, hangdog, a little dyspeptic – is exactly right for this high-concept midlife satire from director and co-writer Matt Kane. It’s a variation on a familiar theme the time is the near future and Kind plays Felix, an architect in his Continue Reading

Sonos Roam review: the portable speaker you’ll want to use at home too | Smart speakers

Sonos’s new smaller and cheaper Roam portable speaker is one that won’t end up relegated to a drawer collecting dust as it sounds great at home too. The £159 Roam joins the much bigger and heavier £399 Move as the second of firm’s battery-powered models and proves itself as one Continue Reading

Outriders review – fountains of gore and hilarious carnage | Games

The first proper gun you pick up in Outriders, the latest looter-shooter where you run around sci-fi warzones blasting everything that moves, detonates enemies’ bones. While perhaps not the sort of thing you would bring up at the school gates, this bodes extremely well. You pick up that gun, read Continue Reading

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: wearable-free sleep tracking smart display | Google

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display now comes with radar-based sleep tracking as it attempts to keep Amazon’s Alexa at bay. The new Nest Hub costs £89.99 on launch, which makes it cheaper than its predecessor and slightly undercuts competitors of a similar size. The second-generation unit has the same Continue Reading

Genesis Noir review – an astonishing cosmic thriller | Games

According to theologians, philosophers and, seemingly, the makers of Genesis Noir, the ultimate whodunnit (and its subordinate mystery: howdunnit) is the origin of our universe. The game’s title says it all: here is the story of the world’s beginnings as told in the mode of a detective thriller, and the Continue Reading

It Takes Two review – joyful family adventure for socially distanced duos | Games

One of the big cultural stories of lockdown is how friends are staying in touch and having fun through game worlds. The time is right, then, for the latest two-player adventure by the Swedish-Lebanese designer Josef Fares, whose games blend puzzles, synchronised action and emotional narratives into co-op challenges that Continue Reading

Infinitum: Subject Unknown review – solo time-loop echoes lockdown vexation | Film

You’ve got to admire wife and husband film-makers Tori and Matthew Butler-Hart. Stuck in their London flat at the start of the pandemic, the pair wrote a sci-fi script together: a Groundhog-Day-meets-The-Matrix tale of a woman trapped in a time loop. They shot it à deux on an iPhone; she Continue Reading

Selfie review – droll Gallic eye on slaves to the algorithm | Film- Tempemail

As ever-evolving technologies produce instant gratifications and fresh horrors, Selfie sees modern life as a tragicomic minefield fraught with absurdities. This French anthology film delivers biting social critique with a side helping of je ne sais quoi wit. Across five loosely connected stories from five seasoned film-makers (including Rust and Continue Reading