Cyberflashing should be new criminal offence, review suggests | Online abuse- Tempemail

Unsolicited sending of obscene images should be made illegal through the creation of a new offence of cyberflashing, a UK government-commissioned review recommended. The Law Commission said that while the Sexual Offences Act criminalised exposure of genitals it was not sufficiently clear whether that covered images or video recordings. In Continue Reading

An Ugly Truth by Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang review – Facebook’s battle for domination | Journalism books- Tempemail

How many books are there about Facebook? I’ve lost count. Many of them belong to the genre of the “insider” story – by an early investor in the company, perhaps; or by a supposed intimate of its founder and Supreme Leader; or by an ex-employee with a bad conscience for Continue Reading

Anna X review – sound and vision steal the show in ‘fake heiress’ tale | Theatre- Tempemail

Damien Hirst’s conceptual art is mentioned more than once in Joseph Charlton’s play about a con artist who rips off a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur. It seems appropriate because Anna X feels like a cool, cocky, high-wire stage equivalent. The story itself is a standard romantic sting but combines drama Continue Reading

Sweat review – behind the scenes of the Insta influencer | World cinema- Tempemail

We’re used to seeing social media stars from a particular vantage point: the ring-lit, face-on front camera of their mobile phones. Swedish writer-director Magnus von Horn’s shrewd second feature, about a fictional Polish fitness influencer, Sylwia (Magdalena Koleśnik), constantly readjusts its angle. Michal Dymek’s frenetic, often handheld camera examines Sylwia Continue Reading

The Constitution of Knowledge review: defending truth from Trump | Books- Tempemail

Jonathan Rauch is among America’s more thoughtful and rigorously honest public intellectuals. In his new book, he addresses the rise of disinformation and its pernicious effects on democratic culture. Through an analogy to the US constitution, he posits that the “values and rules and institutions” of “liberal science” effectively serve Continue Reading

Sweat review – the loneliness of the social media influencer | Film- Tempemail

In theory, it should be possible to create a drama about a social media influencer and motivational fitness celebrity that isn’t all about the hidden loneliness and shame of her shallow existence. It should be possible to show such a person being a huge hit in public and perfectly content Continue Reading

A Russian Doll review – from St Petersburg with hate | Theatre- Tempemail

Manipulation of public opinion to political ends is nothing new; Satan did it in the Garden of Eden, all sides did it during the cold war. What’s different in the 21st century, as writer Cat Goscovitch’s lie-layering story demonstrates, is the way opinion is manipulated. This one-woman play is set Continue Reading

Harm review – savage brilliance and envy in an Instagram blizzard | Theatre- Tempemail

During lockdown, the Bush theatre joined forces with the BBC to film Phoebe Eclair-Powell’s razor-sharp monologue about social media toxicity and trolling. It was a stand-out drama, not only for Leanne Best’s delicious performance as a lonely estate agent who becomes an obsessed “frenemy” to a social media influencer but Continue Reading

Returnal review – epic dance of death with beautiful, brutal aliens | Games

This is not the best year for a game about being stuck in an eternal time loop, where nothing much changes but things are always extremely difficult. Many people will find it hard to find the motivation to face down a punishingly challenging game about the unreliability of memory and Continue Reading