PM warns of rise in cyber attacks ahead of new strategy – Strategy – Security- Tempemail

The government has set the scene for the release of Australia’s next cyber security strategy, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison warning of a surge in malicious cyber activity in recent months. In a hastily organised press conference devoid of much substance on Friday, Morrison said the new strategy, containing “significant Continue Reading

Nokia sees broadband equipment orders rise – Networking- Tempemail

Finnish telecom equipment maker Nokia is seeing a pick up in orders as its broadband clients race to upgrade networks to meet higher user demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, a company executive said. Many customers had planned to grow their network by 30 percent to 40 percent over the next Continue Reading

Huge rise in hacking attacks on home workers during lockdown | Technology

Hackers have launched a wave of cyber-attacks trying to exploit British people working from home, as the coronavirus lockdown forces people to use often unfamiliar computer systems. The proportion of attacks targeting home workers increased from 12% of malicious email traffic before the UK’s lockdown began in March to more Continue Reading

The Rise of IoT in Mining | Tempemail

The latest research study conducted by Inmarsat found that the global mining sector is undergoing an Internet of Things (IoT) revolution with respondents reporting significant increases in adoption of connected technologies. Mining organisations reported successes in implementing projects to safeguard workers via remote tracking, monitor drilling, and observe acid mine Continue Reading

The rise of UGC and the race to reflect the ‘new normal’ in marketing- Tempemail

The ‘new normal’ is a phrase that we are all currently being bombarded with from many sources as society starts to adjust to life under lockdown and people consider how life may be different once we come out the other side. As the everyday realities of their customers experience changes Continue Reading

Tesla stock rise appears to qualify CEO Musk for US$700m payday – Finance- Tempemail

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk appeared to qualify on Monday for a US$700 million payday, just three days after he said the electric car company’s stock price was too high. Tesla shares jumped more than 8 percent on Monday, putting its market capitalisation at US$141.1 billion at the close. More Continue Reading

Remote spring: the rise of RDP bruteforce attacks- Tempemail

With the spread of COVID-19, organizations worldwide have introduced remote working, which is having a direct impact on cybersecurity and the threat landscape. Alongside the higher volume of corporate traffic, the use of third-party services for data exchange, and employees working on home computers (and potentially insecure Wi-Fi networks), another Continue Reading

Sarvatra Technologies offers door-step cash delivery in rural India; witnesses 353% rise in Aadhaar withdrawals- Tempemail

Read Article In the wake of Covid-19, Sarvatra Technologies’ PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution has been instrumental in driving uninterrupted banking across the country, especially in rural India. Sarvatra is ensuring uninterrupted services such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, funds transfer, etc. across various payments platforms for over 600 Continue Reading

Woolworths reports 320 percent rise in app use as shoppers digitally prep – Software- Tempemail

Woolworths is seeing a 320 percent increase in the use of its app as shoppers either digitally prepare for a physical shop or – if they qualify – complete their grocery shopping online. CEO Brad Banducci revealed the number in a letter to customers on Friday afternoon, in which he Continue Reading

Coding Ninjas records 150% rise in the number of admissions in March- Tempemail

Read Article Coding Ninjas, an online tech education company in India focusing on teaching Coding and other Programming related courses to beginners, has recorded a 150% increase in its admissions for March 2020. According to the company, the highest selling courses are foundation courses like C++, Java and Python contributing to 60% of Continue Reading