‘Machines set loose to slaughter’: the dangerous rise of military AI – podcast | News

Autonomous machines capable of deadly force are increasingly prevalent in modern warfare, despite numerous ethical concerns. Is there anything we can do to halt the advance of the killer robots? By Frank Pasquale How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know 10 minutes Tempemail – Also known by Continue Reading

Robots and magnetic soap: scientists rethink oil spill clean-ups | Environment

Special sponges, magnetic soap and autonomous robots are among the latest wave of inventions aimed at tackling oil spills. Incidents such as the MV Wakashio stranding in Mauritius in August can devastate the environment and threaten communities who rely on the sea or tourism for their livelihoods. They often take Continue Reading

Do smart assistants need a feminist reboot? Part 1 – podcast | Science

From Rosie the Robot in the 1960s animated sitcom The Jetsons to Siri and Alexa today, technologies that perform the roles of housekeeper and secretary are often presented as female. What does the gendering of these machines say about our expectations of who should be doing this kind of work? Continue Reading

The rise of the Covid robots – in pictures

In an age of social distancing, machines are being used for everything from cleaning to taking temperatures Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading… 10 minutes Tempemail – Also known by names like : 10minemail, 10minutemail, 10mins email, Tempemail 10 minutes, 10 minute e-Tempemail, 10min Tempemail, Continue Reading

‘I choose to thrive’: the man fighting motor neurone disease with cyborg technology | Society

In November 2017, Peter B Scott-Morgan received the news that almost nothing can prepare you for – he was told he had just two years to live. Peter had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND). It kills a third of those who have it within a year, rising to Continue Reading

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman review – the future of food, birth and death? | Science and nature books

In a plain factory building in the San Marcos hills, north of San Diego in California, a technological revolution is under way. There, a team of AI experts are developing a new brand of woman that can smile, flutter her eyelids, make small-talk and remember the names of your siblings. Continue Reading

The five: robots helping to tackle coronavirus | Technology

Boston Dynamics Singapore park-goers have been reminded of their social distancing obligations by Boston Dynamics’ yellow “dog”. The robot hound is equipped with numerous cameras and sensors, which it can use to detect transgressors and broadcast pre-recorded warnings. The authorities have reassured locals it is not a quadruped data-collection device. Continue Reading

Microsoft sacks journalists to replace them with robots | Microsoft

Dozens of journalists have been sacked after Microsoft decided to replace them with artificial intelligence software. Staff who maintain the news homepages on Microsoft’s MSN website and its Edge browser – used by millions of Britons every day – have been told that they will be no longer be required Continue Reading

Robots Have Been Shielding Doctors And Nurses From Covid-19- Tempemail

Read Article Founded in 2007 as Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions by Rajeev Karwal, it was not until 2011 since the company forayed into AI Robotics. A huge success in the segment had Milagrow providing robots for facility management, hospitality, education, healthcare, retail as well as banking. Milagrow has also Continue Reading

How a robotic dog is herding sheep in New Zealand – video | Technology

A herd of New Zealand sheep are being watched over by a robotic dog called Spot. The New Zealand software company Rocos is training the Boston Dynamics-designed robot to work on farms to help ‘relieve the strain of worker shortages, and create precision in farming’. Another Boston Dynamics robot is Continue Reading