Rose Callaghan: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy- Tempemail

Hello, I’m comedian and internet aficionado Rose Callaghan. I have ADHD and am what many would consider “underemployed” so obviously spend most of my time on the internet arguing with people on Twitter and watching TikToks. I live and breathe the internet and unfortunately/sadly haven’t been able to stop posting Continue Reading

Wavemaker’s Rose Huskey & Wunderman Thompson’s Justin Peyton named as IAB SEA+India co-chairs- Tempemail

The IAB SEA+India has named its 2020 board and has outperformed its own diversity targets, having over 60% representation of female leaders. The trade body also names the co-chairs for 2020, a decision that is based on prior performance as a board member. The two co-chairs elected for this year Continue Reading

IAB Rolling Heavies: Wavemaker’s Rose Huskey on diversity and being fired from a chicken shop- Tempemail

The IAB Southeast Asia and India’s Rolling Heavies series is back, with more of Asia Pacific’s most influential digital leaders answering questions while riding on a bike. This is the third series, created by the IAB Southeast Asia and India in partnership with cloud video creation platform 90 Seconds, that Continue Reading

Rose and Rosie: how video games play a role in our marriage | Games

Rosie Spaughton Games were never something I was very good at. Relationships on the other hand, came easily. A young, blonde, confident bisexual with two older brothers, I found boys totally unintimidating and girls mesmerising to be around. Flirting was my main language, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would Continue Reading

O2 spotlights England men’s and women’s teams in ‘Wear the Rose’ Six Nations push- Tempemail

O2 has unveiled the latest iteration of its longstanding ‘Wear the Rose’ campaign, which looks to boost national support for the men’s and women’s England rugby teams following on from the first Six Nations games at the weekend (1 February). The creative features an equal split of rugby players from Continue Reading

A Facebook war in Rose Bay has destroyed my anarchist idealism | Van Badham | Opinion

The recent events in Rose Bay – of all places – have shredded the last of my residual anarchism. Such is the ferocity of the stoush between two rival Rose Bay community Facebook groups that the impact of their wild internet barney has not been limited to a court battle, Continue Reading