‘Injecting poison will never make you healthy’: how the wellness industry turned its back on Covid science | Coronavirus- Tempemail

Ozlem Demirboga Carr is not really into all that woo‑woo stuff. “I’m definitely a full-science kind of person,” says the 41-year-old telecoms worker from Reading. She doesn’t believe in crystals, affirmations or salt lamps. But she did find herself unusually anxious during the UK’s Covid lockdown in March 2020 and, Continue Reading

Solution to online abuse lies with social media firms – and it’s not rocket science | Sport- Tempemail

As we enter the final hours of sport’s four-day online boycott, in protest at the social media giants’ pernicious failure to tackle hate, let’s try imagining an alternative reality. Just as now, it starts with trolls sending racist abuse at, say, Mohamed Salah or Marcus Rashford, or relentlessly attacking a Continue Reading

Anatomy of a conspiracy theory: how misinformation travels on Facebook | Australia news

In the early hours of New Year’s Eve, former Liberal MP Craig Kelly logged on to Facebook to make one of his regular contributions to the global network of misinformation about Covid-19 – this time, to promote the antiparasitic drug ivermectin as a treatment for the virus. The content of Continue Reading

On the scene, like a sex-obsessed machine: when a robot writes a play | Stage

Kazuo Ishiguro, whose new novel Klara and the Sun is about artificial intelligence, has said he is worried about a time when an AI programme is able to write fiction “that can make me cry, that can show human emotions … that can have the capacity for empathy”. The first Continue Reading

Facebook Launches Climate Science Information Centre in sub–Saharan Africa – Tempemail

Facebook has launched its Climate Science Information Centre to sub–Saharan Africa, beginning with South Africa and Nigeria. This is expected to be part of the social platform’s “commitment to connecting people to accurate, expert advice and information about global developments that affect their lives”. The centre, available in 16 countries Continue Reading

Bill Gates: ‘Carbon neutrality in a decade is a fairytale. Why peddle fantasies?’ | Technology

Bill Gates appears via video conference – Microsoft Teams, not Zoom, obviously – from his office in Seattle, a large space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Washington. It’s a gloomy day outside and Gates is, somewhat eccentrically, positioned a long way from the camera, behind a large, kidney-shaped desk; his Continue Reading

Spam’s new frontier? Now even spinach can send emails | Food

Name: Spinach. Age: About 2,000 years old, originating, it is said, in Persia. AKA: Spinacia oleracea. Appearance: Leafy, green, connected. Connected how? Wirelessly. Wirelessly connected to what, though? To email. I see. How can this be happening? Through a combination of nanotechnology, infrared detectors and the mobile network, if that Continue Reading

US has ‘moral imperative’ to develop AI weapons, says panel | Science

The US should not agree to ban the use or development of autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software, a government-appointed panel has said in a draft report for Congress. The panel, led by former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, on Tuesday concluded two days of public discussion about Continue Reading

‘No more monkey selfies’: scientists told images could drive illegal pet trade | Environment- Tempemail

Celebrity primatologists and scientists have been urged not to post selfies with chimpanzees, orangutans and other primates on social media to help conservation efforts for threatened species. Cuddling baby monkeys on camera and sharing Instagram posts interacting with primates at sanctuaries is strongly discouraged under new guidelines aimed at scientists, Continue Reading