7 Tips to Ensure Telegram is Private and Secure – Tempemail

When discussing the privacy and security of messenger apps, one needs to understand that the Telegram’s functionality goes beyond the simple messages exchange and has many surprising features. With Telegrams’ user-base exceeding over 500 million active monthly users, it now combines elements of a massive communication hub, messaging board and Continue Reading

What Years of AWS Hacking Tell Us About Building Secure Apps- Tempemail

Imagine being part of an organization that has a security team that manages risks by saying “no” to change in an era of cloud migrations, remote-first work, and increased dependency on our digital presence. People develop an aversion to work with security teams because they block them from getting their Continue Reading

The Most Secure Linux for Embedded Systems- Tempemail

By Dan Noland, Star Lab Don’t get upset. We fully acknowledge that the hard-working people who make enterprise type Linux distributions want to help their customers achieve secure systems and they strive to improve the security posture of their distributions all the time. However, there are two major areas where Continue Reading

Secure Your SaaS Apps With Security Posture Management Platform – Tempemail

Image credit: Adaptive Shield As security professionals who have spent more than a few years in the industry, we know a good challenge when we see one. SaaS and cloud-based technologies are growing rapidly, offering organizations convenience and constant feature refreshes without the need to install and deploy software on-premises. Continue Reading

A Cyber Pandemic May Be Next: How Secure are you in the Cloud? – Tempemail

The Coronavirus pandemic has influenced us in a more global way than the Cold War, affecting the environment, industry, finance, healthcare, leisure and almost every other human endeavour. Some of the areas of influence are clear and obvious. For example, the acceleration of digital transformation, which changes how organisations operate Continue Reading

Contrast Community Edition Empowers Developers to Write Secure Code Faster – Tempemail

As software eats the world, the world faces a software security crisis. The movement to modern software such as cloud technologies and microservice architectures is essential to innovate quickly. Yet, nearly three in four developers say that security slows down Agile and DevOps. Neither developers nor security teams are to Continue Reading

Understanding the Need to Secure SD-WAN Platforms | Tempemail

An increasing number of businesses are switching to a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), which is a unique approach to wide-area networking because it combines traditional WAN technologies with the Internet and provides more visibility within an organisation. The move to SD-WAN is largely driven by distributed enterprises with multiple Continue Reading

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Bank of India to use Uniken’s REL-ID technology to secure online banking channels globally- Tempemail

Read Article Bank of India has chosen Uniken’s REL-ID technology for securing its digital channels and ensuring customers’ cybersecurity. The REL-ID secure platform offers a comprehensive suite of protection, detection and correction technologies in the mobile app security/shielding space. Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken Inc said, “Mobile and digital enterprises are Continue Reading

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