Wildpressure targets macOS | Securelist- Tempemail

New findings Our previous story regarding WildPressure was dedicated to their campaign against industrial-related targets in the Middle East. By keeping track of their malware in spring 2021, we were able to find a newer version. It contains the C++ Milum Trojan, a corresponding VBScript variant with the same version Continue Reading

Black Kingdom ransomware | Securelist- Tempemail

Black Kingdom ransomware appeared on the scene back in 2019, but we observed some activity again in 2021. The ransomware was used by an unknown adversary for exploiting a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability (CVE-2021-27065). The complexity and sophistication of the Black Kingdom family cannot bear a comparison with other Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Continue Reading

Gootkit: the cautious Trojan | Securelist- Tempemail

Gootkit is complex multi-stage banking malware that was discovered for the first time by Doctor Web in 2014. Initially it was distributed via spam and exploits kits such as Spelevo and RIG. In conjunction with spam campaigns, the adversaries later switched to compromised websites where the visitors are tricked into Continue Reading

Children report 2021 | Securelist- Tempemail

For over a year we’ve been living in a world gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has the pandemic affected people’s lifestyles, it has also accelerated the development and implementation of technologies that make it easier for us to complete everyday and work-related tasks. We no longer need to Continue Reading

Evolution of JSWorm ransomware | Securelist- Tempemail

Introduction Over the past few years, the ransomware threat landscape has been gradually changing. We have been witness to a paradigm shift. From the massive outbreaks of 2017, such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit, a lot of ransomware actors have moved to the covert but highly profitable tactic of Continue Reading

Financial Cyberthreats in 2020 | Securelist- Tempemail

2020 was challenging for everyone: companies, regulators, individuals. Due to the limitations imposed by the epidemiological situation, particular categories of users and businesses were increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. While we were adjusting to remote work and the rest of the new conditions, so were scammers. As a result, 2020 was extremely Continue Reading

Doxing in corporate sector | Securelist- Tempemail

Introduction Doxing refers to the collection of confidential information about a person without their consent for the purpose of inflicting harm on that person or to otherwise gain some benefit from gathering or disclosing such information. Normally, doxing involves a threat to specific people, such as media personalities or participants Continue Reading

Mobile malware evolution 2020 | Securelist- Tempemail

These statistics are based on detection verdicts of Kaspersky products received from users who consented to providing statistical data. The year in figures In 2020, Kaspersky mobile products and technologies detected: 5,683,694 malicious installation packages, 156,710 new mobile banking Trojans, 20,708 new mobile ransomware Trojans. Trends of the year In Continue Reading

Privacy predictions for 2021 | Securelist- Tempemail

2020 saw an unprecedented increase in the importance and value of digital services and infrastructure. From the rise of remote working and the global shift in consumer habits to huge profits booked by internet entertainers, we are witnessing how overwhelmingly important the connected infrastructure has become for the daily functioning Continue Reading

Digital Footprint Intelligence Report | Securelist- Tempemail

Introduction The Digital Footprint Intelligence Service announces the results of research on the digital footprints of governmental, financial and industrial organizations for countries in the Middle East region: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen. The data presented in this report Continue Reading