Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman review – the future of food, birth and death? | Science and nature books

In a plain factory building in the San Marcos hills, north of San Diego in California, a technological revolution is under way. There, a team of AI experts are developing a new brand of woman that can smile, flutter her eyelids, make small-talk and remember the names of your siblings. Continue Reading

From Sainsbury’s to sex toys: Lovehoney CEO on taking the bedroom brand into the boardroom- Tempemail

Nine months ago, Sainsbury’s former marketing boss Sarah Warby joined Lovehoney as its first ever chief executive. Though still navigating the change from supermarket shelves to sex toys, Warby has found herself at the coalface of one sector experiencing a boom on the back of Covid-19. Since people around the Continue Reading

Make Love Not Porn boss Cindy Gallop on why now is the time to invest in sex tech- Tempemail

As the Covid-19-imposed lockdown rumbles on, there has never been a better time to invest in sex tech, according to Make Love Not Porn founder Cindy Gallop. The former chair of BBH New York says her user-generated, crowdsourced video-sharing platform — which curates videos of people having ‘real world sex’ Continue Reading

Return of the phone call: why talking beats texting when you’re in isolation | Life and style- Tempemail

Name: Phone call. Er… Hello? Hello. Hello! Hello! What the hell is this? This is a phone call. Really? Why, what’s wrong? Is there an emergency? Well, no. Apart from, you know, the coronavirus emergency. Well, can’t you just send a text? Or an email? Because it’s good to talk. Continue Reading

Nandos-inspired sex slang used by girls as young as 10 | Technology- Tempemail

If a child texts about enjoying “peri peri” or “coleslaw”, parents may be unnerved to discover they might not be talking about a family meal out. An internet safety service which has monitored the online interactions of over 50,000 children has discovered that girls as young as 10 are using Continue Reading

From sex parties to SSPs: inside Killing Kittens’ media platform- Tempemail

Killing Kittens, the social brand famed for its sex parties, has grown its community to 180,000 members and raised more than $1.5m in capital, despite being effectively blocked from advertising online. Frustrated by the status quo, it’s unveiling its own ad-supported media platform, backed by a raft of fellow ‘adult Continue Reading

To learn about sex ed, vaping, and viruses, just log on to TikTok: the doctor is in- Tempemail

For decades, sex education in the classroom could be pretty cringeworthy. For some adolescents, it meant a pitch for abstinence; others watched their teachers put condoms on bananas and attempt sketches of fallopian tubes that looked more like modern art. On TikTok, sex ed is being flipped on its head. Continue Reading

Habito escapes ad ban after teaching Grazia readers the ‘Mortgage Kama Sutra’- Tempemail

Mortgage broker Habito has dodged an ASA ad ban after its ‘Mortgage Kama Sutra’ put some Grazia readers in an uncomfortable position. The tongue-in-cheek magazine ad equated difficulties in procuring a mortgage with poor sex life, graphically illustrating the point with suggestive sexual imagery captioned as the ‘Downpayment Doggy’, ‘the Continue Reading

Four Seasons Condoms campaign wants Australian millennials to have more sex- Tempemail

Four Seasons Condoms wants millennials in Australia to start having safe and healthy sex again with the introduction of an in-pack education kit. According to the condoms brand, there is a “millennial sex recession” as statistics reveal that young adults are having 50% less sex than their parents’ generation. It Continue Reading

Sex, snoring and endless loo paper: the gadget show catering for your every need | Technology

Name: Kamasutra bed. Age: Well the Kamasutra itself, the Sanskrit text on sexuality, is about 2,400 years old. This bed is more recent. In fact, it is yet to come on to the market. Appearance: It changes, depending on what you want it to do. I’m tired. Can it just Continue Reading