Elon Musk startup shows monkey with brain chip implants playing video game | Elon Musk

The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup released footage on Friday appearing to show a monkey playing a simple video game after getting implants of the new technology. The three-minute video by Neuralink shows Pager, a male macaque with chips embedded on each side of its brain, playing Mind Pong. Continue Reading

Leaked memo shows Amazon knows delivery drivers resort to urinating in bottles | Amazon

Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter Amazon caused an uproar on Thursday when it denied reports that its delivery workers have been forced to urinate in bottles due to lack of access to bathrooms, but a leaked internal memo shows the company has been aware of the problem Continue Reading

Australia shows the way. It’s the job of governments not big tech to run democracies | Facebook

The problem with the dispute between the Australian government and the two social media giants Google and Facebook is that it’s a squalid argument between ethically challenged contestants about a really important question – the survival of liberal democracy. The Australian parliament is in the process of passing a law Continue Reading

California man arrested after livestream shows 2 bodies women bodies California livestream livestream- Tempemail

Police in California arrested a man suspected of two killings after someone reported seeing a livestream on social media that showed him with a gun and two women lying motionless on the floor of an apartment. The Vacaville Police Department said officers went to an apartment complex for formerly homeless Continue Reading

The trolling of Katie Price shows attitudes to working class women are still stuck in the 1980s- Tempemail

In 1987, legendary pop duo Mel and Kim were adamant that “we ain’t never gonna be respectable (respectable)” – as if dancing about in berets was the height of unrespectability in the late 80s. Never has the inability to command respect seemed so much fun.   I’m not sure much Continue Reading

Google’s ‘experiment’ hiding Australian news just shows its inordinate power | Google

In the midst of a global pandemic and an unprecedented misinformation glut, Google has decided to hide some Australian news sites from its search results. It is “experimenting” with the lone supply of fact-checked, accountable information Australians can access right now. Australians have been seeing current news disappearing in recent Continue Reading

Cybersecurity will Remain a Priority Despite Reduced IT Budgets, Research Shows – Tempemail

Cybersecurity remains a priority for investment among businesses, according to a Kaspersky report. Its share of IT spending has grown from 23% in 2019 to 26% in 2020 for SMBs, and from 26% to 29% for enterprises. 71% of organisations also expect their cybersecurity budget to grow further in the Continue Reading

Model Halima Aden quits fashion shows over religious beliefs | Fashion- Tempemail

The model Halima Aden has said she is quitting runway shows because working in fashion has forced her to compromise her religious beliefs. Aden, who was hailed as a trailblazer for being one of the first models to wear a hijab and walk for major fashion labels including Kanye West’s Continue Reading

Video-game London in Watch Dogs Legion shows us the darkest timeline | Games

Armed militia stroll around London, picking fights where they please and shutting down small gatherings of masked protesters demanding their freedoms on street corners. Drones buzz above, monitoring citizens’ movements and following anyone suspicious. In Watch Dogs Legion’s future dystopian British capital, Brexit happened years ago, Scotland has seceded from Continue Reading

Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like | Cyberwar

The Sandworm team of Russian military intelligence, alleged to have unleashed computer chaos against the Kremlin’s enemies around the world, is said to operate out of a blue-tinted glass skyscraper known simply as “the tower”. From that address, 22 Kirova Street in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, the Sandworm hackers, Continue Reading