Eavesdropping Bugs in MediaTek Chips Affect 37% of All Smartphones and IoT Globally – Tempemail

Multiple security weaknesses have been disclosed in MediaTek system-on-chips (SoCs) that could have enabled a threat actor to elevate privileges and execute arbitrary code in the firmware of the audio processor, effectively allowing the attackers to carry out a “massive eavesdrop campaign” without the users’ knowledge. The discovery of the Continue Reading

This New Android Malware Can Gain Root Access to Your Smartphones – Tempemail

An unidentified threat actor has been linked to a new Android malware strain that features the ability to root smartphones and take complete control over infected smartphones while simultaneously taking steps to evade detection. The malware has been named “AbstractEmu” owing to its use of code abstraction and anti-emulation checks Continue Reading

Smartphone is now ‘the place where we live’, anthropologists say | Smartphones

Smartphone users have become “human snails carrying our homes in our pockets”, with a tendency to ignore friends and family in favour of their device, according to a landmark study. A team of anthropologists from UCL spent more than a year documenting smartphone use in nine countries around the world, Continue Reading

OnePlus 9 review: a good, well-priced top-spec smartphone | Smartphones

The OnePlus 9 offers the same top-performance, slick experience and long battery life as the firm’s best phone but with a few corners cut to slice £200 off the price. The £629 handset looks almost identical to its more expensive sibling, the £829 OnePlus 9 Pro. It has a marginally Continue Reading

Phone wet and won’t turn on? Here’s what to do with water damage (hint: putting it in rice won’t work) | Smartphones

If you’ve ever gotten your phone wet in the rain, dropped it in water or spilt liquid over it, you’re not alone. One study suggests 25% of smartphone users have damaged their smartphone with water or some other kind of liquid. Liquid penetrating a smartphone can affect the device in Continue Reading

OnePlus 9 Pro review: super slick, rapid charging Android phone | Smartphones

OnePlus’s latest 9 Pro Android phone takes the firm’s winning formula of slick speed and adds knowhow from the Swedish renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad to try to improve things in the photography department. The £829 phone tops the Chinese brand’s line for 2021 and joins its stablemate Oppo in its Continue Reading

Vodacom and Google Give Smartphones to Rural Communities in South Africa – Tempemail

Vodacom has partnered with Google to give away hundreds of Android-powered smartphones to communities across Limpopo, South Africa. This move forms part of the companies continued efforts to “reduce the digital divide” and offer many who reside in deep rural communities “access to the internet for the first time”. “At Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review: four months with the folding tablet-phone | Technology

Are phones that unfold into tablets really the future of mobiles? And is flexible screen technology really ready for prime time? I spent four months with the £1,800 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 to find out. The second iteration of Samsung’s smartphone that unfolds into a tablet was impressive on Continue Reading

Refurbished smartphones are widely available – so should you buy one? | Money

Buying new smartphones gets worse for the wallet every year. Back in 2008, the first generation iPhone cost about $700. The tenth generation started at $1,549. Today, the top-shelf iPhone 12 Pro Max with more than 500gb of storage is an uncomfortable $2,369 – about a third more than the Continue Reading