Snap to stop promoting Trump’s content in a move that adds pressure to Facebook | Technology- Tempemail

Citing a commitment not to “amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice”, Snap said Wednesday that it will no longer promote Donald Trump’s posts to users who do not already follow him, increasing pressure on Facebook over its stance on the president’s violent rhetoric.  “We are not currently promoting the Continue Reading

Lizzo and Lil Nas X criticise Blackout Tuesday for obscuring protests | Music- Tempemail

Lizzo and Lil Nas X have condemned a music industry-sponsored social media movement to suspend business activities in support of global protests sparked by the death in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On 2 June, the #BlackoutTuesday hashtag, accompanied by images of black squares, dominated social media, flooding Continue Reading

As responses to George Floyd’s death go, #BlackOutTuesday was embarrassing | Fatima Bhutto | Opinion- Tempemail

On Monday, Donald Trump threatened to deploy the US military on domestic soil, against his own people, and ordered the teargassing of peaceful protesters near the White House so that he could conduct a 17-minute photoshoot holding an upside-down Bible. At the same time, major cities including New York and Los Angeles declared curfews to stem the protests burning Continue Reading

Munroe Bergdorf accuses L’Oréal of racial hypocrisy | Fashion- Tempemail

Munroe Bergdorf, the model and transgender activist, has accused L’Oréal Paris of hypocrisy after it posted a message on social media in support of the Black Lives Matter movement days after the George Floyd killing. Bergdorf was hired by the beauty company in August 2017 but was fired days later Continue Reading

Lil Nas X says Blackout Tuesday is ‘the worst idea ever’- Tempemail

Lil Nas X has spoken out against the Blackout Tuesday operation organised on social media. The artist tweeted on Tuesday that he doesn’t consider the operation helpful, and worried that it would cause support for the Black Lives Matter movement to lose momentum. Blackout Tuesday has seen thousands of social Continue Reading

Australian media companies face defamation liability for comments on Facebook after court dismisses appeal | Media- Tempemail

The New South Wales court of appeal has dismissed an appeal from several newspapers and a TV news channel over a court ruling that held them liable for defamatory comments posted in response to news articles about Northern Territory youth detainee Dylan Voller on their Facebook pages. Voller, whose mistreatment Continue Reading

In a polarised world, even checking facts on Twitter becomes politicised | Kenan Malik | Opinion- Tempemail

Like many Twitter debates, the war of words that broke out last week between Donald Trump and the social media company may seem inconsequential, even infantile. However, the spat raises important questions about the relationship between the public, technology companies and the state, especially in a polarised America. On Tuesday, Continue Reading

Want to stand out on screen? Zoom in on that colossal collar… | Fashion- Tempemail

A look that brings to mind either William Shakespeare or Harry Hill is not one that immediately suggests sophisticated glamour. But big collars are having a resurgence, this time on women’s dresses, tops and jumpsuits. The current look is less Renaissance bard and more pious puritan, and can be dramatic Continue Reading

I like the sound of my own voice – but does that make me a narcissist? | Life and style- Tempemail

I was on the phone to a friend recently, blathering away as usual, when I realised that there was no one on the other end of the line. How long ago had this happened? I checked my phone and discovered, to my horror, that the call had ended almost five Continue Reading

Meghan McCain to keep details of pregnancy private due to social media trolls- Tempemail

Meghan McCain has opened up about her reasons for keeping details about her pregnancy private. On Thursday, The View host, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Ben Domenech, revealed that she has decided not to share updates on social media because she does not want her baby Continue Reading