New technology could help solve AI’s ‘memory bottleneck’- Tempemail

Read Article Memory-hungry, power-sapping big data might finally have met its match. Electrical engineers at Northwestern University and the University of Messina in Italy have developed a new magnetic memory device that could potentially support the surge of data-centric computing, which requires ever-increasing power, storage and speed. Based on antiferromagnetic Continue Reading

Bungie thanks community for working together to solve the Corridor of Time puzzle

A big thanks: A huge team of Destiny 2 players spent hours solving an elaborate maze that was introduced to the game last week. This week Bungie acknowledged their efforts and revealed a little bit of the origins and development of the puzzle. It did not, however, apologize for what Continue Reading

Too Big to Succeed? How Do You Solve an Issue of such Scale?- Tempemail

In 2012, the French prestige newspaper Le Monde coined the term “GAFA” to refer to the tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Used mostly in continental Europe, the term GAFA has started to gain traction in the English-speaking press, as both a convenient shorthand for some very big companies, Continue Reading