Open source software expected to drive open RAN deployments- Tempemail

By guest author Simon Stanley, analyst at Heavy Reading he shift to virtualized RAN and open RAN is creating new opportunities for carriers to shift much of their RAN hardware and software to server-based platforms and solutions based on open source software. The O-RAN Alliance and other industry groups have Continue Reading

Rapid7 Source Code Breached in Codecov Supply-Chain Attack – Tempemail

Cybersecurity company Rapid7 on Thursday revealed that unidentified actors improperly managed to get hold of a small portion of its source code repositories in the aftermath of the software supply chain compromise targeting Codecov earlier this year. “A small subset of our source code repositories for internal tooling for our Continue Reading

PHP Site’s User Database Was Hacked In Recent Source Code Backdoor Attack – Tempemail

The maintainers of the PHP programming language have issued an update regarding the security incident that came to light late last month, stating that the actors may have gotten hold of a user database containing their passwords to make unauthorized changes to the repository. “We no longer believe the Continue Reading

PHP’s Git Server Hacked to Insert Secret Backdoor to Its Source code – Tempemail

In yet another instance of a software supply chain attack, the official PHP GitHub repository was tampered with to insert unauthorized updates. The two malicious commits were pushed to the “php-src” repository hosted on the server, illicitly using the names of Rasmus Lerdorf, the author of the programming language, Continue Reading

Mimecast Finds SolarWinds Hackers Stole Some of Its Source Code – Tempemail

Tempemail security firm Mimecast on Tuesday revealed that the state-sponsored SolarWinds hackers who broke into its internal network also downloaded source code out of a limited number of repositories. “The threat actor did access a subset of email addresses and other contact information and hashed and salted credentials,” the company Continue Reading

Far-right supporters move to open source to evade censorship | World news

On 8 December last year, a Frenchman called Laurent Bachelier gave away a total of 28.5 bitcoins – worth $556,000 – to 22 people. On the same day, he killed himself. In suicide notes written in French and English, he explained that the burden of illness (he suffered from a Continue Reading

SolarWinds Hackers Stole Some Source Code for Microsoft Azure, Exchange, Intune – Tempemail

Microsoft on Thursday said it concluded its probe into the SolarWinds hack, finding that the attackers stole some source code but confirmed there’s no evidence that they abused its internal systems to target other companies or gained access to production services or customer data. The disclosure builds upon an earlier Continue Reading

Facebook’s Australia ban threatens to leave Pacific without key news source | World news

Facebook’s ban on Australian news will cut off a vital source of authoritative information for the Pacific region, government and industry analysts have warned. Across the Pacific, thousands have found their access to news blocked, or severely limited, after the tech giant wiped all news on the platform in Australia Continue Reading

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Accessed Some of Its Source Code – Tempemail

Microsoft on Thursday revealed that the threat actors behind the SolarWinds supply chain attack were able to gain access to a small number of internal accounts and escalate access inside its internal network. The “very sophisticated nation-state actor” used the unauthorized access to view, but not modify, the source code Continue Reading

Facebook greatest source of Covid-19 disinformation, journalists say | Facebook- Tempemail

The majority of journalists covering the pandemic say Facebook is the biggest spreader of disinformation, outstripping elected officials who are also a top source, according to an international survey of journalism and Covid-19. The social media platform, which announced this week it was updating its hate speech policy to ban Continue Reading