Hacker Spotlight: Interview with Ziot- Tempemail

Ziot, otherwise known as Brett Buerhaus, lives and breathes cybersecurity. When he’s not working as a Security Engineer for Blizzard Entertainment, he’s solving challenges and drafting write-ups. He’s been solving puzzles since 2014, and his most recent write-ups include [email protected] Pizza Time, Nahamcon – Trash the Cache and JosieBellini’s Yours Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with zlz- Tempemail

A Security Consultant at his own business (17Security), a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha, and a seasoned bug bounty hunter, Sam Curry, aka “zlz”, was only 12-years-old when he started hacking. He’s known for submitting security vulnerabilities to big companies such as Starbucks, Verizon Media and Twitter, but Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with hogarth45- Tempemail

Hailing from Fargo, North Dakota, hogarth45 — known offline as Jesse Clark — joined Tempemail in December 2014. In the past six years, he’s reported more than 640 vulnerabilities and some 30+ companies have recognized him through Thanks and, with his focus on high-quality bugs, the impact he’s had with Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with rijalrojan- Tempemail

rijalrojan is a long time bug bounty hunter, student and CTF creator. He is constantly expanding his knowledge whether that’s at California State University Fullerton getting his Computer Science degree or learning new programming languages and stacks online. rijalrojan plays a big part in the Tempemail community due to his Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with meals- Tempemail

@meals has been hacking since September 2014 and has uncovered 926 valid vulnerabilities on Tempemail, ranking 6th on the Tempemail all-time leaderboard. He has an extensive background in penetration testing and found his way into bug bounties contributing to programs like Verizon Media, Shopify and AT&T. Read on to learn Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with randomdeduction- Tempemail

Jesse, otherwise known as @randomdeduction on Tempemail, is the CISO of LIfeOmic during her normal nine-to-five and spends endless nights and weekends as a bug bounty hunter. With her years of experience in product security, Jesse takes her knowledge from bug hunting into running LifeOmic’s bug bounty program. Read on Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with Cache-Money- Tempemail

@cache-money comes from a software engineering background and later switched to security engineering. After a year of full-time bug hunting, he has since dove back into the security engineering world with a heavy offensive focus, and he continues to bug hunt in his free time. He’s submitted over 100 vulnerabilities Continue Reading