New Stealthier ZLoader Variant Spreading Via Fake TeamViewer Download Ads – Tempemail

Users searching for TeamViewer remote desktop software on search engines like Google are being redirected to malicious links that drop ZLoader malware onto their systems while simultaneously embracing a stealthier infection chain that allows it to linger on infected devices and evade detection by security solutions. “The malware is downloaded Continue Reading

‘Spreading like a virus’: inside the EU’s struggle to debunk Covid lies | World news- Tempemail

In April 2020, near the start of the global pandemic, Felix Kartte was working 14-hour shifts as an EU policy officer, struggling to monitor a barrage of coronavirus-linked disinformation. Articles claiming that the pandemic was a hoax, that it was caused by 5G, that it could be cured by hydroxychloroquine Continue Reading

Plymouth shootings may be a sign the ‘incel’ culture is spreading | Plymouth shooting- Tempemail

Experts are warning that a dangerous online subculture known as the “incel” movement is gaining traction after Jake Davison, the gunman behind the shootings in Plymouth that left six people dead, referenced the group and expressed deeply misogynistic ideas. Davison, who posted numerous videos on YouTube weeks before the massacre, Continue Reading

HelpTurkey hashtag under investigation for ‘spreading fear’ about wildfires | Turkey- Tempemail

Prosecutors in Turkey have launched an investigation into a social media hastag critical of the government’s allegedly bungled response to the country’s devastating wildfires, accusing it of spreading “anxiety and fear”. The hashtag HelpTurkey exploded when rightwing president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was pictured on a tour of the damaged region Continue Reading

Hacker Wanted in the U.S. for Spreading Gozi Virus Arrested in Colombia – Tempemail

Colombian authorities on Wednesday said they have arrested a Romanian hacker who is wanted in the U.S. for distributing a virus that infected more than a million computers from 2007 to 2012. Mihai Ionut Paunescu (aka “Virus”), the individual in question, was detained at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, Continue Reading

Researchers Warn of Facefish Backdoor Spreading Linux Rootkits – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a new backdoor program capable of stealing user login credentials, device information and executing arbitrary commands on Linux systems. The malware dropper has been dubbed “Facefish” by Qihoo 360 NETLAB team owing its capabilities to deliver different rootkits at different times and the use of Blowfish Continue Reading

Facebook Busts Palestinian Hackers’ Operation Spreading Mobile Spyware – Tempemail

Facebook on Wednesday said it took steps to dismantle malicious activities perpetrated by two state-sponsored hacking groups operating out of Palestine that abused its platform to distribute malware. The social media giant attributed the attacks to a network connected to the Preventive Security Service (PSS), the security apparatus of the Continue Reading

Beware — A New Wormable Android Malware Spreading Through WhatsApp – Tempemail

A newly discovered Android malware has been found to propagate itself through WhatsApp messages to other contacts in order to expand what appears to be an adware campaign. “This malware spreads via victim’s WhatsApp by automatically replying to any received WhatsApp message notification with a link to [a] malicious Huawei Continue Reading

Facebook takes down groups spreading lies about Covid vaccine in Israel | Coronavirus- Tempemail

Facebook has taken down content that spread lies in Israel about coronavirus vaccinations, the Israeli justice ministry has said, as the government sought to drum up support for its vaccination programme. On Saturday, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, became the first person to be vaccinated in Israel. Opinion polls Continue Reading

Twitter bots have limited success spreading anti-vaccination messages | Twitter

Twitter users rarely see or retweet anti-vaccination content generated by bots, a study of millions of tweets found, suggesting the role of bots in spreading vaccine misinformation is limited. The study was led by the University of Sydney’s associate professor Adam Dunn, who said despite growing concern about the influence Continue Reading