Google Makes Stadia Game-Streaming Service Free | Tempemail

Sourced from Gamespot Google is removing the $130 entry fee for its Stadia cloud-gaming service indefinitely. Giving anyone and everyone access to its catalogue of AAA video games during the coronavirus pandemic, reports the NY Times. This move gives people in 14 countries free access to major game titles without Continue Reading

Google pilots new program to help indie studios self-publish on Stadia

In brief: Google is continuing its push to get more content onto its Stadia platform. It is now offering development kits and funding for projects to small studios that commit to supporting Stadia. Along with the kickbacks and equipment, the Unity team will provide technical assistance to developers in the Continue Reading

Google Stadia is finally rolling out 4K streaming support on the web

What just happened? It’s safe to say that Google Stadia hasn’t been an industry-changing revolution, especially as many of its promised features weren’t available at launch. But one of these—4K streaming support on the web—is now rolling out. Until now, 4K gaming with Stadia had only been available by using Continue Reading

Google tapped God of War studio VP to run new California Stadia studio

In a nutshell: Google continues to chug ahead with its plans to expand its first-party development for games on the Stadia platform. In addition to its pickup of Typhoon Studios, the search giant has opened two additional studios under the Stadia Games and Entertainment umbrella with one being headed up Continue Reading

Insane Hack Lets You Play Google Stadia on Android Without Controller – Tempemail

A Reddit user wrote a workaround for Google Stadia’s requirement of having a controller to play its games on smartphones. Calling it TouchStadia, user SmashShock created a JavaScript plugin to enable touch controls – and an overlay – to function with Stadia on an Android phone – with nothing else required. Continue Reading

Google Stadia To Launch on Samsung, Other Android Smartphones – Tempemail

Sourced from The oft-discussed game-streaming platform Google Stadia will be coming to Samsung, Asus and Razer phones as soon as 20 February, writes The Verge. Google announced today that Stadia will be working on some Android phones from Samsung, Asus, and Razer. The Stadia, up until now, has only Continue Reading

Google Stadia is coming to 18 additional Android smartphones

In context: Stadia isn’t the end-all, be-all game streaming platform Google hoped it would be, but, like most tech products these days, a rough start does not necessarily mean the entire platform is doomed. Stadia continues to improve slowly and is set to get many new features and dozens of Continue Reading