On the scene, like a sex-obsessed machine: when a robot writes a play | Stage

Kazuo Ishiguro, whose new novel Klara and the Sun is about artificial intelligence, has said he is worried about a time when an AI programme is able to write fiction “that can make me cry, that can show human emotions … that can have the capacity for empathy”. The first Continue Reading

Panto hits Las Vegas! How livestreaming is transforming the stage | Stage

As Christmas season dawned at the end of last year, two American critics had a crash course in that most British of theatre traditions, pantomime, dropping in remotely to eight shows for the New York Times. “I felt like an ethnographer studying a foreign culture’s strange ceremonies,” wrote one, while Continue Reading

Bridgerton: The Musical? Fans of Netflix hit take tunes to TikTok | Stage- Tempemail

Bridgerton, the Regency-era TV smash that sparked a virtual water-cooler moment for period drama fans, is now firing the imaginations of musical theatre devotees on TikTok. The Netflix drama, which confirmed a second series yesterday, is being reimagined on social media as a stage show and the hashtag #BridgertonTheMusical has Continue Reading

The Picture of Dorian Gray: the ‘magic tricks’ and technical feats behind STC’s smash hit – in pictures | Stage

When the curtains close on each performance of Sydney Theatre Company’s one-woman show, the most common phrase you’ll hear is, ‘How did they do that?’. Kip Williams’ five-star adaptation stars Erin Jean ‘EJ’ Norvill in 26 roles – but it’s more than just a triumph for the actor; it’s a Continue Reading

Locked Down: The Scariest Show You Will Never See review | Stage

We have been told to bring a blindfold and headphones for a “terrifying sonic experience” on Zoom. There’s a trigger warning of its “adult content” by a faceless voice called Master, who tells us that emotions will run high over the next two hours – so we can remove the Continue Reading

Have Your Passport Ready review – step inside the asylum system | Games

Every foreign humanitarian crisis forces a government to balance compassion and restraint. To what degree should a country fulfil its moral obligation to offer aid and sanctuary to refugees? At what point does national benevolence threaten national stability? Sober deliberation soon descends into hysterics. Respondents to a 1940 poll that Continue Reading

The best culture you may have missed in 2020 | Culture

Film Southern Journey (Revisited)In the dark days of lockdown, it’s hard to believe the big outdoors actually exists. But that’s what you get with this lovely music documentary, which followed in the footsteps of celebrated musicologist Alan Lomax and British folk singer Shirley Collins on their landmark 1959 odyssey, recording Continue Reading

Dying swan or lame duck? Why ‘Fatima’, the ballerina’s next job was tripping up the government | Stage

Name: Fatima. Age: Early 20s. Occupation: Ballet dancer, for now. That sounds ominous. That’s because Fatima might not be a ballet dancer for much longer. God, why not? Will she be OK? She’ll be fine, because Fatima’s next job could be in cyber. What? What do you mean could be? Continue Reading

Michelle Wolf to Melania’s roses: the arts and pop culture that sum up the Trump era | Culture

Architecture Travesty in the Rose Garden Since he’s a former real-estate tycoon, it seems fitting that Donald Trump’s tenure should express itself in some sort of building. So which edifice best defines his era? Well, there is the “big, beautiful wall” planned for the border with Mexico. “Nobody builds walls Continue Reading